Film: 7292

Places + Locations | 1930 | Silent | Colour


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Colour film of Berlin, Germany during Nazi era in 1936. Streets and buildings. People dancing and drinking. Nazis in the streets. Mass of people at the beach. Goose stepping Nazi guards.

Top shot of wide boulevard with traffic and flags showing swastikas either side of the road. Medium shot cars on road travelling towards tall monument with statue (Victory Column with Victoria at Tiergarten?). Statue of Victoria and cut back to traffic by monument. Pillar and frieze showing Grecian battle. Also what looks like tapestry depicting Kaiser Wilhelm and Bismarck.
1:00:17 Brandenburg Gates with traffic and more Nazi flags. Chariot and horses at top of gate. Cut to tram and traffic.
1:28:00 Rear view of brown shirts walking down tree lined street away from camera.
1:32:01 Medium shot tall radio mast and Templehof Airport building. Public building with large banners with swastikas hanging from top of building.
Traffic along wide road. Temple like building (Reichstag?)with tourists and goose stepping soldiers at top of steps.
2:29:00 Traffic outside public building including white double decker bus. More shots of temple like building (Altes museum?) with columns.
Shots of barges on river going under bridge. Alexanderplatz with pedestrians and traffic. Top shot of trams and trains.

4:20:06 Great shots of people sitting outside in restaurant. Lovely sunny day with waiters and waitresses wearing white aprons. Some couples dancing others sitting and talking or reading newspapers.
Close shot of two women chatting at table. People's feet dancing. Man sipping beer from huge wide glass and close side view of woman smoking cheroot? More shots of dancing and tables, it's very busy, one couple includes man in uniform.
5:23:18 Policeman directing traffic amd more shots of traffic and pedestrians including some soldiers. Line of Hitler youth march down the road.
More shots of shops with awnings. An elevated railway and train moving. More shots of traffic including tram and double decker bus.
Close up inscription Neugestaltung Berlin Haus de Deutschen Fremdinwekehrs.
Construction of building and tram going across. More shots of construction work and crane. Exterior of public gardens with smart people walking. Shots of zoo and elephant.
07:09:00 People in swimwear walking down steps. A lake where thousands are sunbathing and frolicking in the water, includes ice cream sellers.
Many people splashing together in water. Close ups of couple sunbathing.
Exterior shots of more public buildings and traffic in front.

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