Film: 7293

Sport | 1960 | Sound | Colour


The Stock car 500 Challenge. Features Fireball Roberts+ Chevrolet, Plymouth Fury, Thunderbird, Lee Petty 1960's

American stock car race, The Southern 500 in Darlington, South Carolina, starts with beauty pageant then follow key events of the race. Titles. Parade, marching band, girls in decorative red and white uniforms carrying flags including Confederate, white stadium in background, strong sunlight. Float with women in flowing crinoline dresses. 'Royal Crown' name on float, crowds watch. Women in crinoline dresses sit upon model horses on a float. Young woman smiles at camera. Young woman passing on a float smiles at camera whilst holding lace parasol. Women's legs, wearing stilettos, holding numbers, a beauty pageant or beauty contest! Woman in white bathing costume walking across a stage, confederate flags, large illuminated '500'. The 'Miss Southern 500' contest. Woman in red bathing costume, low angle shot. Woman in white bathing costume, low angle shot. Woman in white costume holding number card approaches camera. Close-up of woman smiling at camera. Picture of contestants lined on a stage smiling. Woman expressing surprise, holding hands up to her face. Walks forward. Low angle shot looking up her figure! Man in straw panama hat holding large camera with conspicuous flashlight, outside clear blue sky. View down onto starting grid, cars lined in threes, Chevrolet, Oldsmobile, Chrysler etc. Pan down the grid showing cars parked close together also edge of pit lane, grandstand and end of banked corner in background. Crowds in grandstand, hot summer's day, standing up to see. Cars drive slowly round circuit, sweeping corner in background., open expanse. Cars pass start line, man on stand in front of crowded grandstand waves a flag. View of cars sweeping round banked corner . Man behind wire fence shaking fist in encouragement. Cars pass camera at speed, camera mounted on catch fencing on outside of circuit, glimpse outer wall+ fencing. Cars pass, one has plume of white smoke trailing from it. Closer view of this car as it passes camera. View of crowds and parked cars infield of circuit, grandstands seen in background. Wrecked car spinning into pit lane safety wall, towards camera, men leap away from wall, stops beneath camera position. Crowd lean forward, looking away from camera, behind wire mesh fence. Cars speed down straight towards camera position outside of bend. Pass camera which pans following them around a bend. Image of speeding road and armco barrier from side window of car on circuit. Cars circulating at speed high on banking. Camera close to outer Armco films rear of cars as the pass very close. Car high on banking. Group of leading cars approach camera, others on banking in background. Shot of leading cars on straight, General Motors and Chrysler products, probably (?).
View from camera mounted on side of race car following two others around circuit. Car spinning towards camera, dust flies, stops in front of camera. Two cars at speed on the banking very close to each other. Outer car speeds past inner coming off banked bend. Group of cars passing away from camera. Car sliding on banking passes on the inside. Car trailing plume of white smoke, another passes outside. Crowd in grandstand get out of seats and peer away from camera. Image of car spinning at speed on banked corner, rubber smoke from tyres, hits Armco of circuit and drops slowly down onto infield, driven slowly onto grass.
Three leading cars at speed. Two cars touch and slide sideway along circuit. View from pit lane of car approaching pit, grandstand in background. View from pit mechanic with pneumatic gun, car pulls in to stop, mechanics approach car and change wheels. Close- up of driver 'Fireball Roberts' written on door. Mechanics work on car. Close-up of mechanic using pneumatic gun to tighten wheel nuts. Close-up of car pulling away 'Booniershine Pontiac' pulling past scrutiniser in black/white stripped shirt. Another car pulls away, cars race by on circuit. Close-up of Chrysler at speed. Cars on circuit. Car smoking slows towards infield. Car hits outer Armco travelling towards camera continues round bend towards camera smoking. See smashed front wing and wheel close-up. Sparks fly as it passes, driver is 'Lee Petty's'. Car continues down inside of straight. Car passes, fuel tank falls out of the back spraying petrol, hits outer Armco. Tank rolling across circuit seeping fuel. Close-up of Chrysler car high on banking passing. Leading cars at speed. Camera low down on outer edge of track, banked circuit falling away, cars pass at speed, very close. Leading cars followed round corner, crowds in the foreground, pass very close to camera. View from high in a grandstand looking down onto cars taking corner, pans following leaders down straight. Car spinning high up banking, another approaches at speed, people scream., it squeezes through avoiding it by inches! Car seen from track level approaching + passing camera at speed.
Leading cars, nose to tail, speed round corner. Car approaching camera with smoke from rear wheel. Car sliding sideways, smoke, pulls in to stop. Passing camera, driver 'Jim Whitman'. Camera follows cars from behind crowds, around a bend and towards camera position. Close-up of cars at speed. Cars speeding round corner. Car spins, back of it hits wall in front of grandstand, others pass. Close-up of flashing red lights, caution. Wrecked car towed into pit area by Ford recovery vehicle, mechanics watch from pit lane wall. Three cars side by side at speed down finishing straight, grandstand behind. People in grandstand stand up to see. Car trailing smoke, pulling to a stop, driver 'Fireball Roberts'. Driver climbing out through side window. Walks away with crash helmet in hand. Cars pass at speed, stationary car in foreground. Chrysler passes, rear very low, starts to trail smoke, something falls from it, backend slides, drives slowly round corner. Cars at speed, one slides trailing smoke, converts itself and continues, ambulance on dirt track in foreground. Car driving slowly passed camera. View of same car approaching camera held in pit lane, passes by slowly and continues. Car at speed passes man on strand waving the chequered flag, crowded grandstand behind. Car passes beneath camera position very slowly. Close-up of people walking on circuit, wearing summer clothes. Brick stand in foreground, crowds on circuit grandstand in background, camera pans across crowds. View of men walking away from camera, including driver with number 4 on back of T- shirt. Close-up of car being pushed 'Built by Bud Moore and "Pop" Eargle' on side. Car on Brick stand, crowd around it. Exhausted driver sitting down being patted on the back, being picked up, wet cloth on his head. Driver holding trophy and kissing woman. The End,

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