Film: 7294

Newsreels + Film Magazines | 1940 | Sound | B/W


Newsreel that in the main focuses on the return of Canadian soldiers from Europe towards the end of World War Two.

Soldiers fixing motorbike. A jeep drives into shot. An officer gets out and the men salute. The men sign in book pledging money for the war effort (World War Two). More shots of men signing. Captain William Grayson (M.C.) buys a war bond. Close up of him signing document. A sergeant, convalescing in a hospital bed, buys a Victory Bond.
Cardinal Villeneuve (The Archbishop of Quebec) arrives in England. High ranking army officers (including Major General Montague) welcome church officials (they are wearing dog collars) at an airport (aeroplane in background) in England. Westminster Cathedral, London - a service held for Canadian soldiers, soldiers marching into cathedral (in long shot), medium shot of woman in uniform marching into cathedral. Sailors marching into cathedral. Car creeping along a wet road with three men in uniform on either side. Cardinal Villeneuve stepping out of the now stationary car. The Cardinal flanked by high ranking army chaplins. United Automobile Workers Union visit an army camp in Ontario, Canada, North America. Shot of men looking at engine suspended from crane, armoured tank in foreground. Men playing with engine, men's heads in tank's engine space. Men climbing on tanks. Tanks on manoeuvres, a tank firing its gun as demonstration. The workers walking away from the demonstration and then having their food poured into cans. Men eating and smoking cigarettes. Demonstration of armoured vehicles on training ground. General Worthington (camp commandant) seen talking to the civilian workers.
Canadian soldiers running with guns pointing forward, explosions in background. Shot of 'Canadian Headquaters' sign possibly in Sicily, Italy, Europe. Poster stating how much a day needs to be spent in order to raise money through Victory Bonds. An indicator rising shows how much had been raised through bonds. A telex being received by soldiers. Canadian soldiers overseas buying Victory Bonds. A sign stating that $ 3,706,500 had been raised. Soldier painting sign that states: 'Buy Your Victory Loan Bonds Immediately', a Canadian maple leaf being painted in corner. More soldiers signing, soldiers standing near Victory Bond signs. Personalities In The News. Major General Montague, Lieutenant General Stewart and other senior officers greet Walton, Canadian Minister of National Defence, to England. Soldiers in uniform shaking hands with the minister. Senior Canadian officers visiting reinforcement units of the Canadian army. Soldier pointing in a wood as officer looks on. Soldiers on training course in a forest. Man crossing horizontal rope. Soldier saluting as cars by. No. 1 Canadian Base workshop visited by high ranking officers of Canadian Army. The officers inspecting the machines in the workshops. Canadian soldier, Thigson, receives second medal for bravery. Large crowd, women in fur coats. Convoy at sea. Ship crowded with soldiers, all waving. Canadian First Division disembarking ship. Soldiers in rows on quayside. Soldiers getting onto troop shop. Boat leaving harbour. Convoy under attack. Landing craft at Dieppe, France. Wounded soldiers being helped off ship, some are in stretchers, one on a stretcher is offered cigarette. Large troop ship, soldiers waving and cheering, Canadian soldiers arriving at Leith, Scotland. General Sir Ronald Adam reading message from King to troops. Three cheers being given by the troops. Lord Provost of the City of Edinburgh speaks. Soldiers emerging from doorway in ship's side. Ships passing quayside, soldiers waving. Medium shot of woman waving. A band on the quayside playing 'Roll Out the Barrel', women also standing on quayside. Soldiers disembarking, crowds and crowds. Soldiers returning to Liverpool, England on large white (Red Cross) troop ship, onboard are the more seriously injured from Europe. Shot of Mr Massey, High Commissioner. Injured men on stretchers, amputees, men with slings and bandages. Injured soldiers at train station (Liverpool, Docks), train leaving, soldiers on board waving, nurses on platform wave back. Three Canadian soldiers smoking cigarettes outside huts before their return to Canada. Each one of the men are named by commentary. One of them speaks of their imminent return home.

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