Film: 7301

War + Military | 1910 | Silent | B/W


March of the men of Dublin Fusiliers on Declaration Day, 1914. The start of World War One with the Irish militia off to join the campaign in France.

Soldiers march through the streets to war. Lots of men in flat caps at the head of a line of troops. The column of soldiers march though Dublin, Eire, Ireland. Civilian men and women walk along side the line of marching soldiers. The soldiers carry rifles and are dressed in the khaki and leg bandages. The soldiers carry a banner that reads " Defend Your Homes ", another banner reads " Save Your Children ". The people watch the soldiers pass. Another banners reads " Fight For Ireland ". More soldiers march past and recruiting tram follows with a small poster reading "Irishmen enlist now" and a large one just says " Recruiting ". The tram is held as a still.

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