Film: 7302

London | 1920 | Silent | B/W


A film showing parts of London in the 1920's, as seen from a horse bus and its driver.
A busy road of London with people, horse-carriages, few cars and buses.

A horse-powered bus. A man coming out from a pub. The man, who is a driver, climbs up on his omnibus; he puts a blanket over his legs. A view of the Tower of London. The driver points at the Tower talking to the two passengers, a man and a woman. Another view of the Tower. A busy road of London. A boat in the Thames. The Palace of Port of London Authority. The Port of London Authority in Chiswick. The carriage in Fleet Street. A view of Middle Temple Lane, and opposite it, of Clifford's Inn. The carriage in the Strand. View of the busy road. The two passengers talking to each other. View of the Piccadilly Hotel. Narrow streets in central London. View of Saint James' Palace. A corner of a road with people passing by. A snuff shop. The carriage travelling down a road, in Kingsway. A train going in a tunnel. The driver talking to the passengers. St. Sepulchre's Church. Close-up of the gate at the entrance of the Church. Another view of the gate. The driver talking to his passengers. A close-up of the face of the male passenger. A view of the Old Bailey. The driver and the passengers talking. The carriage travelling down a road. A monument to the soldiers of World War I. A close-up of the Soldier Statue at the top of the monument. The passengers get off the carriage. Close-up of the driver. A close-up, from a different angle, of the Soldier's Statue.

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