Film: 7306

Fashion | 1950 | Sound | Colour


Cotton textile fashions from Egyptian times to the present day. Some very bad historical re-enactments 1950's

Slow motion, a cotton bud opens to reveal a cotton boule. Egyptian drawings showing them using cotton, spinning and weaving. Different women model different ancient fashions, a woman picks lilies from a riverbed, wearing a red and white patterned cloth, an Egyptian dressed woman, complete with headdress sits on a leopard skin near the wall paintings, priestesses wear draped clothes in the ancient Greek fashion, plain white, one lady stops to tie her sandal on the steps of the temple. Ancient Roman fashion. Another woman, Turkey? On the stairs of a villa. Indians in Peru wear cotton garments, a woman brings a man sitting on a rock ledge water. Native mexicans, giving cotton garments to the gods as gifts. Mayan priests on the side of cliffs,w ith cotton clocks, combined with gold and beads. A Spanish woman dressed in cotton in the middle ages, introduced from the arabs. Persian tea service, women dressed in a vareity of cottons. Abyssinians, a man in white and woman on a horse cross a river. The far east, in China, dark cottons were perfected. Women trade cottons, and threads. Japanese kimonos in Japan. Two women in 18th century France fashions, one swings on a swing. A woman with a hoop skirt on in an English garden. Her wing looks more French. Flouncy American fashions in the early eigthteenth century. Highwaisted early nineteenth century fashions of cotton. Empire waist dressed. Vienna fashions with lots of skirts, layered over and under. Bustle and train dresses of the late 19th century. Simple silouette dresses of the 1900s. Flapper dress, a girl gets out a car and walks, mockingly to the door of a house. Close up of her feet and legs and skirt walking down stairs. New Look of Christian Dior fashion in the 1940s, a skirt from 1947. Two models wearing New look fashions pose in a restaurant with a waiter. Models show off 1950s fashion in Vienna. Spread of 1950s fashion magazine covers including La Donna, Harpers, Annabelle, Bazaar, Madam Grazia, hands reach in and take the magazines. Close up of dark skinned model on front of magazine.

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