Film: 7307

Science | 1960 | Sound | Colour


Discusses forces, momentum, fiction, the use of wheels and gravity 1960's

Boy running along a fence in a field stopping and watching a tractor ar work. Bundles of straw on conveyor belt. Tree being felled. Drilling hole in ground. Bale of straw being dropped on ground from moving vehicle. Kitten under straw hat making it move. Man pushing trolley. Men lifting full sacks onto trailer in farm yard. Barrels being rolled and lifted on to trailer followed by the boy. Truck pulls away and boy in trailer moves backwards and forwards when it stops. The voice over explains why this happens. Sacks being weighed and then pulled along ground. Tree trunk being dragged. Boy with horse which he mounts and rides away on. Horses being used to pull sledge over ground with stones on it. Boy pulls heavy basket and then puts the basket in trailer and makes it move with much less effort. The concept of friction os introduced. Man wrestling with calf and then lifting it. Bulldozer moving earth. Woman at sewing machine. Water wheel, wind mill (American).

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