Film: 7308

Royalty | 1940 | Sound | B/W


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Policeman hangs notice on Buckingham Palace gates which states the condition of Princess Elizabeth and Prince Charles. Crowds outside The Palace are seen gathered. The headline of the Daily Mail says: 'Prince for Elizabeth'.
Then the film turns to Westminster Abbey. We see bell ringers. At Hyde Park cannons are fired. People are drinking. Guns are being fired from the Tower of London. Flag is being raised on battle ship - sailors saluting.
We hear a reading by minister to soldiers in which his message is the spiritual aspect of birth. Again we are shown Buckingham Palace and the crowds. The Archbishop of Canterbury and the christening of Prince Charles. Princess Elizabeth holding Charles flanked by Prince Philip, her mother and father, King George VI, in a state room. Queen Mary is seen holding Charles followed by others in the family.

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