Film: 7311

Medicine | 1960 | Sound | Colour


Admission procedure to hospital in the 1960's

Hospital interior , middle aged Mr Willis in a suit seated . Close - up of hospital files . Mr Willis and middle aged women sit opposite a younger woman , she is probably the admissions clerk of the hospital . Two nurses attend a young man in a bed . A nurse examines documents for identification of the patient . The patient appears to be unconscious the nurse attaches an identification tag to his wrist . Nurse with a mother and two young girls , the nurse takes details of the children's names . The two girls are dressed the same , probably twins . Close - up of the nurse in a stiff white apron and cap . Mr Willis lies in a hospital bed his wife in a pink jacket holds his hand . They kiss each other goodbye and Mrs Willis talks to the nurse as she leaves . Mr Willis talks to another patient , a young man with his arm in a sling . He has a fruit bowl and a bottle of fruit juice by his side . The house surgeon introduces himself to Mr Willis who is still in bed . The doctor sits down next to Mr Willis to explain his treatment and the procedure involved during Mr Willis' operation . The doctor examines Mr Willis who is stripped to the waist and lying down in bed , the doctor checks documents and a x - ray . Close - up of the doctor making marks on Mr Willis side with a felt pen , to mark the operation site . Young man next to Mr Willis reading a paper , move to a close - up of his bandaged hand . Close - up of a foot with a pointer touching each toe . A young nurse adjusts Mr Willis' pillows and sheets . Orderlies preparing swabs for an operation . Continuation of swab and dressing preparation . Close - up of x - ray detectable swabs and coloured swabs .
Close - up of x - ray showing a swab left in a patient after operation . Nurse in operating theatre clothes fills in theatre documentation relating to Mr Willis . Mr Willis lying on trolley bed , two nurses one of whom is the ward sister , checks Mr Willis' name tag . Close - up of Mr Willis wrist showing his name tag . The ward sister and other nurse chat to Mr Willis who remains lying on the trolley bed . Two nurses check Mr Willis' documents . Mr Willis is wheeled out of a lift by a nurse in uniform and a nurse in theatre clothes , the uniformed nurse leaves and Mr Willis is left with the theatre staff , his documents and identification tag are checked . Close - up of nurse checking documents , she is dressed in theatre clothes . Mr Willis is wheeled away by two theatre staff . Close - up of mans hands examining oxygen and gas bottles . Mr Willis is examined by a male in theatre clothes and a nurse who is also wearing theatre attire . Two nurses wearing theatre clothes make pre - operative checks on swabs and surgical equipment . Close - up of a nurses head , she is one of the staff checking the theatre equipment . Nurses dressed in theatre clothes counting swabs on equipment trolley . Close - up of the trolley which contains swabs , dressings , surgical tools , metal bowls and other surgical equipment . We see hands putting the swabs into a metal bowl . Close - up of nurses head . A nurse checks surgical instruments that are laid out on a trolley . Close - up of a hand in surgical gloves pointing to surgical needles which are pinned through a white cloth . Mr Willis' partly exposed torso is in the foreground with pen marks on his side , a man in theatre clothes is standing behind him looking at documents . Close - up of a wall chart and swab rail . View of theatre staff and instruments , the theatre staff are performing an operation . Close - up of theatre staff . Close - up of trolley with surgical instruments laid out upon it , theatre staff working , removing swabs from bag counting them and preparing surgical tools . Surgeon operating with other theatre staff in attendance . Close - up of theatre nurses preparing swabs . Surgeon removing bloody swabs from open wound . Two male theatre staff check the oxygen and blood supply for the patient . Theatre staff , one man discards used swabs into a bucket , nurse removes them and places them on a rail to be counted and the thrown away . Close - up of surgeon and two theatre staff operating . Small bloody swabs being placed in metal trays below swab rail , a nurse marks them off on a wall chart above the rail . Close - up of hand in surgical glove checking and moving surgical instruments on a trolley , some of these instruments are bloody . Close - up of surgeon talking to theatre sister , who is off screen . Close - up of large stitched wound , hands are shown applying dressings . Nurse removing bloody swabs and dressings from metal trays and placing them in a brown sack . Close - up of hand writing out a document for post - operative patient care , which relates to Mr Willis . Nurse in theatre clothes makes a series of entries into a large notebook . Mr Willis is wheeled out of the operating theatre on a trolley bed by a uniformed nurse and a member of the theatre staff , he is met by the ward sister , move to close - up of Mr Willis' blood drip . Close - up of a fridge and a hand removing a bottle of blood from it . Ward sister and nurse , the nurse hands the sister a bottle of blood , it is not the correct blood group , it is handed back to the nurse , nurse leaves . Close - up of empty blood drip . Ward sister and nurse check another bottle of blood , the nurse leaves and the ward sister begins to change the blood drip . Mr Willis in bed back on the ward , a nurse and two men in dark suits are in attendance , one of the men checks Mr Willis' wound , the two men then walk away talking and reading Mr Willis' notes . Close - up of the men talking and looking at the notes . Close - up of operation notes . Film ends .

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