Film: 7312

Medicine | 1950 | Silent | Colour


The birth of a baby 1950's

Scrubbing up: medium close up of gowned surgeon approaching sink. Close up of hand turning hour glass; surgeon carefully scrubbing hands a sink with a nail brush; shot of egg timer; surgeon rinsing hands with tap water; rinsing hands in disinfectant; putting on green surgical gloves or rubber gloves . Medium shot of delivery team swabbing expectant mother. Close up of baby's head projecting through vagina. Procedure for delivery of the head illustrated by diagram. Actual footage of the head emerging; swabbing baby's face; clearing mouth with finger. Delivery of baby; umbilical cord unwound; using mucous extractor to clean baby's mouth; cutting umbilical cord from the mother. Swabbing mother; abdomen manipulated to test for placental separation; expulsion of placental material; examination of placenta in sink; close up of placenta to show tissue.
After care of mother: mother winces as abdominal wall is prodded; midwife covers mother up with blankets. Care of the baby: baby placed in hospital crib by gowned midwife; umbilicus is tied securely; close up of umbilicus being tied; the area is covered in powder and then with a bandage. Medium shot of baby crying as this procedure is carried out. Examination of mother to determine state of contraction of uterus; manipulation of abdomen. Childbirth.

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