Film: 7315

Social History | 1950 | Sound | B/W


The beginning of supermarket shopping methods but on a corner shop scale. In effect, the film compares the "old" counter shopkeeper, to the new self service supermarket style shopping 1950's

Shoppers in shop, small general grocery shop, with baskets. Shop keepers says why it is a good idea to have personal service. Crowd of women around the counter, waiting to be served. Weighing out flour on scales. Adding up process on piece of paper. People enter shop then leave because too crowded.

Architect works on problem and finds that a self service system in a small shop will increase sales. Weighing the produce in advance. Women shopper with trolley around aisles. Impulse buying discussed. Checking out with simple wooden manual conveyor. Cash register. Mr Jones, buys 'Nigger' dates. Shopping packed and family leave. Shopkeeper shuts door behind them.

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