Film: 7320

Industry + Work | 1950 | Sound | B/W


New factory in France that incorporates modern safety features as well as modernist architectural elements 1950's

Plan of new offices and factory, shots of the building's exterior. Man pushing moped accompanied by woman. Woman leaves and man goes on to full bicycle sheds. Man enters building and changes into overalls in locker room. Fountain style wash basins. Interior of lockers. Man in underpants goes home. On work floor - men working with engineering machinery. Woman drilling. Wash rooms, flushing toilets and urinals. Factory restaurant at lunchtime. Man and woman talking outside factory at table. Roof garden. Car park. Man cutting grass with lawn mower. Delivery area. Revolving filing system. Water fountain. Aerial view of factory floor. Woman waiting at gate for man with moped. He arrives and they ride off together.

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