Film: 7323

Places + Locations | 1950 | Sound | B/W


Includes two short films about housing and employment creation in Canada 1950's

Man on girders tightening bolt during construction of bridge or building. Man smoking cigarette while operating crane. Man welding in factory, another hammering, another looking at fishing nets, another dressed as a train driver, a violinist playing violin, woman operating sewing machine.
Building a House
Men working on building site in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada during the construction of houses, men raising bricks on to top level of scaffolding. Brick layers. Carpenters constructing roof of house. Bulldozer clearing snow. Surveyor. Partially constructed houses in winter. Testing the boilers in the new house. Carpenters fitting stairs in the part constructed houses. Panel boards being fitted, plaster being applied to ceiling. Door being fitted into internal doorway. Man sawing wood and then taking measurements of windows with the help of a woman. Woman notes down measurement. The mayor being shown round a new house. Woman with children in kitchen. Everyone looking at installed electric cooker. Woman opening curtains shot from the exterior. Children (two boys) playing on living room floor as mother mops and father sits in armchair. External shots of the completed houses in winter: a housing estate in Canada.
Subtitle: Exode.
Abandoned mining equipment including railways at Nordegg, Alberta, Canada. Men in suits sitting around table talking business. Officials of United Mine workers of America discussing pamphlet. People emptying contents of small house on outskirts of Nordegg into a removal van. Boy carrying snow shovel, girl carrying books, man nailing boards over windows. Shots of the house's empty interior. The family look anxious. Inside new home, everyone eating, father goes to work with lunchbox packed by wife. Man runs to car and drives away. Construction of tower block / office building. Man with wheel barrow full of bricks on scaffolding. Bricklayers brick laying. Construction worker wearing helmet.

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