Film: 7326

Industry + Work | 1960 | Sound | B/W


Includes Bucks, London, Yorks, Durham.
Buckinghamshire: Canals and coal. Loading coal onto boats via chutes. Starting narrow boat engine by hand crank. Narrow boats including one towing another. Journey to Aylesbury and 8th Annual Parade of boats. Narrowboat Agnes. Cruisers. Narrow boat Dabchick. Knot tying. Young sailors use megaphone. Balloons. Boys in life-vests. Man canoeing. Narrowboats breasted-up.
London: Car pulling RSPCA horsebox. Film producer Peter Rogers, husband of Betty Box, famous for the Carry On films, lets pit-pony out of box. Horse or pit pony eating hay in field.
Yorkshire (Miners' Music) Balen Pit (?) in Monmouthshire, South Wales. Men leaving pit. Man opens pay packet. Wantley Hall (holiday and recreation centre for workers of Yorkshire) Man gardening, pruning, waterlillies. Music training course. Men talking. Man playing accordion, woman traditional dancing. Jazz band, drummer. Brass group. Guitar accompaniment.
County Durham (Chairman aloft) NCB's Sea-Boring Towers. Lord Rowlands carried in basket to top of tower. Taking cores and inspecting them.

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