Film: 7327

Social History | 1970 | Sound | Colour


Mansfield, Notts. 13 juvenile jazz bands march, preceded by two policemen on white horses. Show bands and collieries (three seconds each). Mansfield Colliery, Calvert, Welbeck, Blidworth, Collerton, Kazoo Bands. Archive film of: Llandeilo area in south Wales in circa 1955 and marching bands. Rainworth, Rufford collieries. Rainworth Mines Welfare. Men sit round table with drinks on table. All drink. Public meeting. Initial fundraising. Children enlisting into Kazoo Bands and Drum sections. Dressmaking for the girls. Practising by the band "When the Saints Come Marching In". Bloody awful! Practising throwing baton. Children drumming plates with cutlery. Girls walk down shopping street twirling balloons. Miners leaving pit saying how good the Rainworth Royals Kazoo band was. Village of Clipstone. Village bowling green. Symbols. Audience applaud. Presentation of shield. Girl cries happily. Man points out camera.

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