Film: 7329

Transport General | 1970 | Sound | Colour


A man opens a furnace with a fire inside, on which the camera zooms in. A pole vaulter runs up, vaults, but the film speed slows as he reaches the bar, where he stops in midair. Formula One cars on a track; the film speed slows down to stop. Similar effect with a Concorde airplane, which is frozen midway down the runway as it accelerates for take-off.

A man in a boardroom, explaining a flow chart entitled, 'Transport fuel'. Truck maintenance in a garage: close-ups of a mechanic checking tyre pressure, an air filter, spark plugs and wheel rotation. A man driving a forklift loading vehicle. A 'Stop' sign; the camera zooms out to a Ford truck. A 'No Exit' sign. Several shots of trucks bearing 'Perkins Engines' signs. A man driving a truck, as seen from the passenger seat.: ignition key, changing gears, clutch, accelerator. A woman using a foot-powered pump to inflate the tyres of a car. The camera zooms in on an amber traffic light, which then turns red. A blue sportscar (open-topped) accelerating away at a traffic light, and coming to a stop at another traffic light. Children getting out of a car and running into their house after school. A man mounts a bicycle and rides it to a postbox, into which he deposits a letter. A horse-drawn beer delivery wagon, loaded with kegs, moving down a city street; cut to the same wagon in the countryside. The wagon arrives, in succession, at several country inns. Aerial view of a suburban residential development. Men sitting around a table in a boardroom. A large office space, with many desks and many people working. A woman typing; she stands up and unplugs the typewriter. Cut to the woman turning off light switches; cut to lights going out in a building. Close-up of a thermometer. Inside a laundromat: a washing machine, industrial ironing machines. Steam coming out of a broken seam in a pipe. Large industrial storage tanks. A man fitting insulation around pipes in a factory. A man enters his house; cut to the man climbing into the loft with a bundle of insulation; cut to the man putting an insulating jacket around a boiler. A man putting tape around a doorframe to prevent drafts. A poster, 'Save It'; the camera pans to a wall covered with children's drawings illustrating ways of saving energy. Zoom-in on several drawings. A man speaking to a group of schoolchildren about ways and reasons to save energy: numerous close-ups of children's faces, and numerous shots of the children raising their hands and looking around.

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