Film: 7331

Industry + Work | 1970 | Sound | Colour


The importance of milk, shown with reference to cows, children, milkmen and a dairy plant.

Titles. Giant wheels turning at a coal pit head. Children on a roundabout. People's feet in a bustling street. A coal miner at work. Molten metal. A tractor in a field. A passenger jet taking off. Intertitle: 'Morning, Milkman'. A champagne bottle cork is popped. Champagne is poured into a silver vessel. A woman in beige 1970s clothes picks the vessel up. She pours the contents on the floor - possibly acting out an ancient Greek play. A woman's bathrobed legs as she aproaches a bath - there she disenrobes and steps in. A sumptuous bathroom, the woman in the bath, as the voice over indicates, is meant to be Cleopatra bathing in ass's milk (however, although there are classical hints in the decor, this is not really an historical reconstruction). The woman, in heavy make-up, bathes in the foam. Closer as she answers a telephone. Milk being poured. Frothing milk. An ancient Egyptian wall painting showing cattle and herdsmen. Milk being poured again. Historical reconstruction: a 19th century amn suffering from gout sits in an armchair and drinks milk, the voice-over telling us that milk was thought medicinal. A woman's hands sorting through make up made from milk and butter. The woman applies the lotion in front of a mirror. Milk being poured. A silver vessel full of milk being lifted up. Pouring milk. Similar. A dairy processing plant - shiny metal vats and pipes - the place where milk is heat treated. Similar. Pipes. Pan along pipes. Two workmen on top of a milk tanker - they open a hatch to test the milk. The back of the tanker - 'milk' sign prominent - the driver opens up the back and removes a box. Milk is put in a bottle to test it. The tester concentrating. A milk bottle is filled from a vat for a further test. The woman doing this takes notes. Another bottle is filled. A female lab technician tests the milk. Closer, her face. Her busy hands. Wider again. Empty milk bottles. These on a conveyor belt, sorted into a machine. Closer. Another angle. Another machine puts bottles on a conveyor belt. Lines of empty and full bottles, a woman supervising the operation. Full bottles going round in circles. Detail. Bottles on another conveyor belt. Bottles are placed in crates under supervision. An African elelphant. A woman suckles a baby at her breast. A dog has puppies climbing all over her for milk. Piglets suck at their mother's teats. Mares and foals.

A child's drawing of cows. That and similar drawings. Children drawing at a play-school table. Closer. The little girls opposite work very hard at their pictures. One girl colours in her picture. Her picture: a cow in a field. A girl with felt tips. Two other girls colouring. A drawing of a horse and cow. A girl with felts. Horse and cow drawing. Naive drawing of a cow. Cow drawings spread out on a table. Cow drawing seen earlier. Details. Prehistoric cave painting of a cow or bull. Another. Similar with other animals. Photograph of an aurox - a prehistoric wild cow, recreated by special breeding by German scientitsts. Another. Photo of a Friesian or Devon cow. A Herefordshire (I think!). A cow looking to camera. A herd of cows in a field. Closer, cows eating grass. Similar shots. A family watches the cows. Cow looking at camera. Children watching the cows. Others with their school teacher. Cow pulling up grass. More cows. Dairy cows in a milking shed. A farmer cleans a cow's udders. He works while a machine sucks milk into big jars. One of the jars filling with milk. Similar. Milk splashing in a jar. Milk in a refridgerated vat. School children visiting a farm building - a girl pats a calf. Teachers and children at another pen with calves. The children's watching faces. Milk being transferred between buckets. The children watch. A child feels the temperature of the milk. Children pat a calf's head. Children's faces. Stroking the calf. A refridgerated milk tanker parked outside the farm. The driver opens up the farm's vat. He checks it's cool and fresh. He measures it. Milk bottles at a bottling plant. Similar. Closer. A machine for putting the foil tops on bottles.

A milk float stops on a quiet suburban street. The milkman delivers milk to a house, greeted by a mother and small son. The son shoots the milkman with a toy gun. The milkman walks to the front door. He swaps empties for full bottles. Bottles at the bottling plant again. Moving lines of bottles under supervision. A milkman delivers more bottles. He rings the doorbell for the housewife to come out and pay the bill. Bottles in crates at the plant. The milkman doing another delivery. He places milk and cream on the doorstep. Similar as the voice-over tells us we are lucky in this country to get milk delivered. Bottles at the processing plant again. Another milkman walking down a street. Mother and children welcome him at their front door. More bottles back at the plant. A milkman carries full crates from his float. He delivers them to a modern block of flats - the Brunswick Centre in central London. A baby suckles at its mother's breast. A pub - but instead of pints on the bar, the barwoman pours pints of milk. One of the drinkers finishes his milk. Full and empty glasses on the bar - the voice-over recommends drinking milk before a party to line the stomach. Primary school children distribute cartons of milk amongst themselves. A girl sucks her milk through a straw. Other kids do the same. Again. An Asian girl sucking milk. A boy. Milk in a refrigeration vat. Bottles at a dairy plant. Similar. Milk placed in crates. Title.

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