Film: 7332

Industry + Work | 1960 | Sound | B/W


Durham, Yorkshire, Northumberland.
Durham. Village pride. Gardening. Wheelbarrows, petrol driven lawn mowers. Village of Fishburn. Coking Plant. Working class back-to-back housing. Miners leaving colliery. Roads of housing. Trees planted on waste coal heaps. Tractor. Man in greenhouse. Tidiest village in County Durham sign. Tools in wheelbarrow.
Yorks. Transport. Cutting coal. Rails in mine. New type of coal truck. Prince of Wales Colliery. Men transported by mini train.
Northumberland. Alarm clock reads 7.30, man gets up, shaves. NCB at Gateshead Computer Centre. Driving car. Rail station. Jeavons record shop with several records visible in the window including two Frank Zappa records, one his 1969 album Hot Rats. Man walks into Newcastle record shop. Rediffusion sign. Local Hospital radio station. Lights 'One minute', 'ten seconds', 'on the air', D.J. Tracking shot into hospital ward. Patients with head phones. Woman puts record on turn table. They play 'I See You' by The Pretty Things. Man with plastered leg taps toes. Two D.J's smoke. Man in head phone drinks half pint. Interviews hospital patients. Horse drawn dray wagon belonging to Scottish and Newcastle Breweries on Perry Street. Interviews draymen.

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