Film: 7334

Industry + Work | 1970 | Sound | B/W


Glamorgan, Yorkshire.
Glamorgan, Wales: Norman Follis. South west headquarters of NCB outside Cardiff. Shots of man's feet climbing stairs. Shots of man walking down corridor from behind. Briefcase. Door opens. Glass door with handle. Hangs up jacket. Answers phone. Turns to camera, dark glasses, he is blind. Committee, Norman does braille typing. Lights cigarette. Transcribes notes from braille to regular typewriter. Listens to tape and types.
Yorkshire: District Heat. Doncaster. New housing development, slums, high rise. Police headquarters. Woman swimming in swimming pool. Coal Board Headquarters. Heating systems, pipes, gauges. Girls grammar school. General views.
Yorkshire: Brave New World. North Yorks. Colliery of Rothwell. Trick panning shot with seven identical men, (actually two twins). Twins walk towards each other (wearing helmets) and face camera. Other man scratches head.
Yorkshire: flying miner. Dinnington Colliery. Man goes into and comes out of Miners Welfare Fund Building. Gliding. Speeded up clip of club members constructing a glider. Testing controls on ground. Attach rope. Signaller waves big board. Launch. More gliding. Glider lands.

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