Film: 7335

Places + Locations | 1950 | Silent | B/W


An amateur home movie made while on a summer holiday in the Lake District in 1959.

A photograph on a wall of gentle hills, a clear sky, fields, a fence, a path leading to a single farm, the intertitle 'SUMMER HOLIDAY. 1959.' over it.
Another picture, in the same position, of three peaks surrounding a lake, with an elderly lady and a young man and woman seated in the foreground, looking out over the scenery, the words 'THE LAKE DISTRICT.'
A white car, its boot open, parked on the grass by the road, fields and foliage in the background, a beautiful day; a figure moves in the backseat of the car, a man in short sleeves and trousers stands in front of the car, back to the road, waiting? for someone. The same car from the side: the man is now standing at the door of the driver's seat, adjusting the window mirror, a lady in a calve-length skirt and cardigan, with curly grey/white hair, stands in front of the car: still waiting?
An overgrown field well-shaded by trees; the elderly lady and a younger curly-haired brunette sit on a blanket on the ground, behind a wooden gate and wire fence, having a picnic; the older lady places food and a thermos flask on the ground. The back of the car (license plate 209 EV), its boot filled with items, three doors open, parked in front of this gate, facing the road; tree branches sway gently above, a camper van? passes on the road.
Cows grazing in a sunny field; more rolling greenery in the background, probably across the road from the picnic. The three people have their picnic; the man relaxes on his back as the ladies open/close a wicker picnic basket; a small portable radio and a box with pictures of bottles on its side, probably a drinks cooler.
The same picture as in the first shot ('summer holiday'): intertitle: 'RIVERSIDE FARM, TROUTBECK, CUMBERLAND.' 'A QUIET RETREAT, THE SONG OF THE BIRDS AND THE CALL OF THE CURLEW'. Camera pans across the same farm. Cows grazing in the distance. A smooth, gentle valley bathed in late afternoon sunlight, taken from a path leading into it. A shot further down the path of animals grazing in the field below. An almost blindingly bright shot of the base of the hill, with trees and animals casting stark shadows. The man and the younger woman walk down a path, probably out of a compound, alongside a short stone wall, surrounded by shrubs and weeds, towards an open gate. The open gate seen from the road outside, hills and a single building (farm?) in the background, a lone telephone pole in the corner. More cows grazing.
A single cow standing in front of the stone wall of a building, probably a barn; a low wooden door and wooden ladder propped against it, probably leading to a loft. Cows move around the enclosure outside.
The back of a man in a jacket and on a motorbike as he swerves onto the left lane of a tarmac road surrounded by fields. The sun, a glowing orb almost completely obscured by a hill, setting (?).
A few close-ups of bees in flowers.
A close-up still of a bunch of white/light flowers; the intertitle 'ULLSWATER'. A placid lake surrounded by hills, either bathed in sunlight or quite misty; in the foreground, a wide winding path through fields, which the man strolls up.
A wooden sign erected in the grass: 'The National Trust. Gowbarrow. It is forbidden to leave litter, to light fires, to damage trees or plants….(etc); graffiti scrawled in marker ink in a corner of the sign. A wooden gate and a rectangular sign: 'To Aira Force'. A shot over the same gate, the backs of three people walking away, towards a shady cluster of trees.
Camera pans up a waterfall that gushes down a very craggy, narrow, almost vertical, incline, surrounded by thick foliage. The man stands on an arched brick bridge above; the waterfall rushes down rocks further down. The same bridge, now empty, at eye level.
The three people walk down a small wooded path through which sunlight filters. Shots of another lake over trees. The back of the car, parked in a shady spot by the road, the man and younger woman appear to be consulting a map or piece of paper nearby; another couple in shorts, with haversacks, walk past them down the road.
A farmer and his herd of sheep on a field, hills in the background; a single boat (passenger barge?) cruises past on the lake. Shots of a sheepdog chasing the sheep in one frantic direction. More water cascading down rocks; possibly the same waterfall as seen in previous shots. A sign on the road: 'Steep Hill. All vehicles engage and keep in low gear. Pedal cyclists strongly advised to walk.' A shot of the road falling away sharply near this sign, and the hills/valleys in the background, as if to illustrate this point.
The car parked in the corner of another winding road, a road sign: 'Unfenced road. Beware animals.' The man and young woman sit on the grassy bank along the road; the older woman clambers up its side. The three people sit by the stream running along the bank; the older lady throws stones into the water. The road, taken from a hill next to it, with a few more people walking along it, and moving vehicles.
A lake, industrial chimneys in the background. Another lake, surrounded by trees and hills, groups of people dotting its border; a sailboat bobs near shore. Two men fishing in a small wooden rowboat; reeds tousled by the breeze in the foreground, sailboats and a small passenger cruise boat in the background.
A sign: 'The National Trust. Beatrix Potter's House' (Hilltop in Sawrey?). The front of the house, simple white-squared windowpanes, climbing plants on the front wall. Close up of the doorway. A flower-lined road by the side of the house. Cats on the grass. A view of the house's side from the driveway.
The second picture, seen at the start, of three people sitting on a hill, with the words 'Dove Cottage where Wordsworth wrote many of his poems'. Dove Cottage, Grasmere, nestled amid foliage ;visitors stroll into and around it; a young girl sits on her garden wall across the road in the foreground; she turns around and stares perturbed at the camera. The three people file out from under a wooden thatched structure down a garden path surrounded by trees, shrubs, small plants. Various other tourists walk through the garden and converge by the house, smiling and gazing around. A finch? on a branch. More small birds on the garden slope. Close-up of two capped chimneys. A bird flies away from the tip of a man's open palm, a piece of food (bread?) in its beak, as tourists look on in delight and concentration.
A sign at the 'Manchester Corporation Waterworks' warning against trespassing and polluting. The steep concrete face of the reservoir, overlooking hills and the river. Large oblong water tanks and pools, ladders, pipes - a pristine, modern contrast to the natural surroundings.
Upward shot of the three people on a rocky ledge, looking down; the man is in sunglasses. They scurry down the grassy slope to their car by the road. Cows grazing on a terraced slope.
The back of the young man and woman, looking down into what's probably a waterfall; the lady is in a sleeveless top and skirt, the man is bare-torsoed and in trousers. A small waterfall, gushing into the pool below. The older lady standing, further downstream.
Gulls flying over flowing water of a lake surrounded by hills and fields. A sailboat moves with the current.
Intertitle: 'Beverley, Yorks. The bus roof is shaped to go thro' the city gate.' An old (medieval?) watch tower. The church, a magnificent gothic edifice, partially undergoing renovation. The North Bar: a sign reads: 'This Bar is the only remaining one of five formerly guarding the main entrance to the town. It was rebuilt by the Town Council in 1409 at the cost of £96/9/11s. A lorry and car passing beneath the Bar; up the side are windows of firms and shops. A late Tudor building next to the Bar. A bus, its roof made to conform to the shape of the Bar, passes under it. More shots of the church. A traffic policeman, in a bobby hat and white sleeves, direct traffic outside. A horse-drawn wagon passes by.
A river, with various birds: geese, moorhen, ducks, swans, etc. The film ends abruptly here.


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