Film: 7338

Places + Locations | 1950 | Silent | B/W


Holland or the Netherlands
Chalkboard, substitute subtitles. Appears to be a amateur home movie of a person's travel (visual diary)
Black background, close up of a tourist pamphlet. It opens up, pictures of typical Dutch scenery, farm. Opens out further, revealing more Dutch landscapes, like windmills. The pamphlet is closed. Close up of other booklets which are of different cities - Amsterdam, Leiden. Close up of the blackboard; scenes on the boat and arrival at The Hook of Holland. Ship sails past. Close ups of deck and the Dutch flag. People walk on deck. People are seated on top deck, another boat faces them. The ship arrives at the port. Close up of chalk board. Leiden; our home was in this town. Full of interesting places and people. Chalkboard: diagram of a windmill. Let's have a look round. People ride bicycles over a bridge (over a canal). Camera pans around side streets, street signs directing towards The Hague, Rotterdam and Utrecht. Ship: Leiden is printed on the back. Windmillin the background. Other vessels on the canal. Horse and cart ride past the camera. Close up of the old-fashioned cart as a ship passes. The bridge closes again and people are allowed to cross. People on bikes ride towards a windmill. Close up of bottom and top half of windmill. Close up of horse on the street. The horse shoes are being replaced. People walk by and cars drive past. Close up of a restaurant sign "Oude Leyden". Railway station. A train arrives, close up of front of train. Close up of platform. Camera pans across the city. Traffic warden holds up a stop sign. Close up of canal. A boat passes through a bridge. Cattle market. Close ups of people wearing clogs, ships, pigs, cows, bulls and clogs. Chalkboard: Canals are a big feature of this interesting country. Leiden too has many canals. Although it was raining we enjoyed this trip.
Camera passes houses, canals and a windmill in the background and countryside mainly trees. Canal-side - see men fishing, boats, many sightings of windmills, port where the vessels are stored, more houses and windmills and a Volkwagen car. See a bridge lifting up. Close ups of lights, various flowers, inside a house, the hallway.
Blackboard: Amsterdam We cruise on the lovely waterways of this city, visiting the harbour before returning.
Camera on boat focuses on scenery which the boat is passing. Bridges, tower, trees, canal. Close up of houses on the canalside. Close up of a hotel sign: Hotel de L'Europe. Camera enters city end of the canal, tourist part - Damrak, near Centraal (Central) Station. Close ups of various canals and houseboats Close up of a tourist boat - sign on the back: Rederu - Noord - Zuid City of Amsterdam.
Blackboard: Delph, De Porceleyne fles, where Royal Blue delftware is made. Every piece is decorated by hand. Watch these highly skilled young ladies at work.
Close up of a woman using a pottery wheel. Close ups of her feet and pieces of artwork. Close up opf a woman painting a design on a plate. Close up of another plate. Garden, a man walks past. Close ups of a pond and a church by a canal and bridge. A manwalks across the bridge, towards the church, back facing the camera. People riding bicycles towards the church. Close up of a man drinking beer at an outside cafe. Close up of houses, a train rides past.
Chalkboard: Rotterdam
Rotterdam Central Station from the outside. Can see sign - Centraal Station. See trams passing. Close up of a nearby building. Motorway truck drives away from the camera. A Volkswagen car follows behind. Rotterdam city centre: cafes, people shopping, close ups of a statue and town centre clock. (very modern). Sign: KLM Dutch Airlines. A KLM van stands nearby. Bicycles parked in the street. Camera pans over building.

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