Film: 7339

Places + Locations | 1950 | Silent | Colour


Holland or the Netherlands
Chalkboard credit: diagram of windmill, credits Holiday in Holland 1958.
People visit a garden which has a miniature town, consists of a train station, motorway, airport and park, football pitch, windmills. Credits: The Hague. (rest of the credita are too faint to read). See houses by the canal side. A fountain is situated in the middle of the canal. Credits: Amsterdam. Dam Square. Close up of the Palace and Monument which is opposite the Palace. See side streets in the city centre. Inside a church, close up of the window by the altar. Outside, the garden behind a square named Spui. Cafe (Jaren) on a canal. A boat sails past. Camera passes house boats. Credits appear - cannot read them. Another city. not Amsterdam. Peopke are dressed in traditional Dutch clothes. A woman hands out cheese to visitors (could possibly be Edam town) See the town, a garden, close up of flowers. Credits again too faint to read. A park. Lakes, close up of birds, fountain on in the middle of the lake. Close ups of an exotic bird and a donkey. Visitors stroke the donkey from behind bars. Lake. A swan swims past.
Credits: Leiden - The last day of a week of colourful festival.
A grand parade of flowers and decorated vehicles. Parade, girls march past. Vahicles dresed up in flowers. Different themes.
Credits. Windmill. The end

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