Film: 7341

Places + Locations | 1960 | Silent | Colour


An amateur film of the Northumberland coast incorporating the bird sanctuary of the Farne Islands. Castle (presumably on the Northumberland coast): shots of the exterior and interior (groups of school children) and shots of the surrounding countryside (green with cows) from the intact battlements. Small harbour, ruined abbey (with grave stones), rocks and sea, fishing nets drying on quay. Seagulls nesting on cliff face, some very good shots. Another harbour, seagulls nesting on exterior of disused house / warehouse. Canons on castle battlements overlooking sea (and possibly Farne lighthouse). Jetty full of people waiting to make boat trip to the Farne Islands off Northumberland. Shots of seagulls in flight (impressive) a puffin on rocks, a cormorant at its nest, trawlers in a harbour, a colony of cormorants seen from a moving boat. Longstone lighthouse from land and sea. Seals swimming and basking on rocks, waders wading, tourists in small boat. Hot air balloon being inflated and watched by a large crowd. A hot air balloon takes off from a field somewhere in Britain.

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