Film: 7343

Places + Locations | 1940 | Silent | B/W


Amateur home movie. Amateur film of Blakeney and Wells in Norfolk.
Blakeney, busy yachting centre on the Norfolk coast.
Boy in swimming trunks pushes small row boat in the water. In background is very busy beach with boats. Catamaran on land with sail. People swimming, boating. Launching catamaran by pushing into along beach into water. Now in water it gets tow from motor boat. Small yacht being pulled into water. Close up of frog in grass. Van in field with cows. Goose farm. Close ups of flowers. Blakeney without the crowds - its all very peaceful. Young boys in shorts throwing stones, playing on boat on beach. Hydroplane Racing. Wells, Norfolk. Wells harbour - crowds around edges. Small boats being prepared by men with helmets on and then racing. Man tinkering with hydroplane. Hydroplanes beating normal motor boats. The winner receiving a cup.

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