Film: 735

Feature Drama | 1940 | Sound | B/W


Lookalike actor plays Stalin the war hero 1940's

cult of Stalin in an office room, he gives orders to several men, some are in military uniforms and others are in suits. Stalin himself is in uniform. He opens the curtains covering the windows, it is snowing outside. A large airplane flies overhead, accompanied by smaller fighter planes. A huge crowd on the ground in front of a large official looking building look up as the airplanes fly overhead. A song glorifies Stalin's role in the war and upholding communism. The people rush forward, frantic to catch a glimpse of their beloved leader. Women mix with soldiers, some of them injured trying to find a good position. Soldiers rush forward en mass towards us. The airplane lands on the tarmac and it is immediately covered by the huge crowd as they rush to follow the plan, there are soldiers with flag and guns and ordinary civilians. The people push and shove in their eagerness to see Stalin. Women and soldiers scream and push, wave their hats, it looks quite dangerous down there. Stalin is bigger than a pop star!! He stands on the stairs waving his hat calmly as everyone below him goes nuts. He comes down the stairs waving and talks to some of his generals who stand at strict attention as he approaches. He then pays some attention to his adoring public, he walks along the tarmac, all the people raise their hats a keep cheering, one group carries an American flag and a British flag as well. Stalin gives rousing speech, very like a paternalistic father. He recognises two young people in the crowd, they come forward, a young soldier and a young woman, both looking rather dishevled, the soldier is wounded with a bandage around his head. The girl hugs him and the people go nuts, looks of madness or possession on their faces, one man is dressed as a prisoner of war. The girl looks like her emotions will overwhelm her as she steps back to her young soldier who grasps her around the waist.

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