Film: 7354

Social History | 1930 | Silent | B/W


London Zoo. Whipsnade Zoo. Amateur home movie. London Zoo - Whipsnade Zoo. Film stock dated 1938 and 1939.
Woman looks at camera and pats kid (young goat). Boy feeds goat and sheep. Goat stands on hind legs on rubbish bin. Woman pats elephant's open mouth. Child throws food into elephant's mouth. Vultures in cage pace about and are on perches. Man with wolf behind netting. Lion in cage. Chimpanzees swing from roof of cage. Woman feeds elephant which is walking in open in zoo - takes food in trunk, gives food to keeper riding on head with six other people. Bird cage. Lioness, leopard, tiger. Llama pushed away by bigger sister. Little girl tries to pat nose of Llama. Chimp hits goat. Chimp plays with stick. Two keepers each take tethered chimps for walk. Chimps bicker. Chimps tea party - they lick their bowls. Keeper takes bowls away. Pours drinks. Seal dives into pool. Polar bear sleeps. Brown bears thrown food. They pace about. Polar bears awake. Bear dives into pool. It stands on its hind leg and grooms itself. It swims and eats food. Brown bears play. Penguins on ramp above pool, swimming, waddling, climbing stps. Seals. Deer in natural surroundings. Zoo keeper leads bactrian camel (two-humps) with two children on it. Elephant carries people. Flamingoes. Feeding parrots. Cockatoo, pelican. Natual pond - fish, lilies. Bird nesting box - birds fly in and out.

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