Film: 7355

Places + Locations | 1940 | Silent | B/W + Colour


Amateur home movie travelogue to Stratford on Avon.
(B/w) Boy fishing in River Avon at Stratford, on Avon, Warwickshire opposite a church. Pan along river to the theatre. Boating, swans. Couple sit on bank. She smiles at camera. The old stone bridge across the Avon with cars crossing it. Pleasure boat with canopy. People overlook river. People admiring the floral displays. People eat ice-creams.
(Colour) Guests arrive at wedding. Lights in church. Couple at the church door, she wearing a blue dress. Family groups. [Dark] The wedding breakfast.
(B/w) Boy at an indoor pay kiosk (cinema or theatre?) drops his money. He and the female cashier smile. He buys a ticket. Man buys a ticket.
Very good film of a canteen - people take cutlery from open wooden cutlery boxes. Five women are lined up serving dinner onto plates (in a British Restaurant or a works canteen?). Example of a dinner laid out on a table - main course, vegetables, potatoes, jelly and a jug (of custard?).
(Colour) Silver City aircraft with two propellers taxis towards the camera. The stationary airplane with a ramp leading up to its cargo hold in its nose. A Citroen 2CV car drives up ramp. A transit van does the same. Passengers walk across runway and mount steps of airplane with air steward standing by steps. Filmed from the plane are flags on tall masts by the control tower - two French, British, Belgian and American. Filmed through the window is the ground and sea with a large ship on it. Passenger disembarking from plane
Shipping including tugs near the coast. One ship is the "City of London". Two women and man wearing beret walk along sandy beach in windy conditions with golden labrador dog. Dog is held up and patted on head. Another man - he wears a trilby hat.
(B/w) Woman offers man a lick of her ice cream. He does not accept. Large group of people outside Anne Hathaway's Cottage in Stratford on Avon.
Rooks or crows nesting in the tops of tall leafless tree.

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