Film: 7357

Places + Locations | 1960 | Silent | Colour


Amateur home movie.
Trip from South of France to Rome, Italy, via Pisa, Italy. Rock outcrops, blue sea, very green land going all the way down to sea. Truck on road in distance. A beach with lines of umbrellas for shade. People in the sea: a view of modern of tourism. A motor boat at sea (shot from beach). More beach shots. An empty beach. Various bays (sea very blue). Enormous beach ball floating in the sea. Two women in swimwear walking rowards camera past pedaloes. Beach umbrellas on deserted beach. Sea, cliffs, rocks. Train in distance, crossing large viaduct. Yachts moored in a harbour. Three people eating and drinking at a table on camp site; tent and van in background. People walking along a seafront in the south of France, the French Riveria. Palm trees, white sand, blue sky, cars parked on road. More shots of this seafront. Man and woman (fifty years plus) in shade of tree. Large town, ship leaving port, industrial port. Procession, girls wearing white dresses. Waves lapping against rocky shore line. Tourist boat ties up on jetty. Pisa, Italy, Europe. The leaning Tower of Pisa and the cathedral next to it. Shots of Pisa from the tower. A few people at the top of the tower. Oxen pulling cart. An Italian town by the sea. Italian countryside. A derilict viaduct. Oxen ploughing field. Rome, Italy, remains of a past civilization. Interior of the Coliseum, extensive shots. Shots of Palatine Hill and road that runs alongside it. Back to the Coliseum. The exterior of the Coliseum. The bridge and castle of Saint Angelo, Rome, Italy. Front view of Saint Peter's, Rome. Closer view of Saint Peter's. The Piazza San Pietro and the columns that surround it in front of St Peters. Oxen ploughing.

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