Film: 7358

Places + Locations | 1960 | Silent | Colour


An amateur home movie film made by an English tourist visiting Italy with his wife, in Rome and probably Naples, Pompeii, Herculaneum, Sorrento and Sicily.

A view of the Arch of Constantine in Rome, with the Colosseum just visible at the right edge of the screen. A view of the arch slightly further to the left, with part of the Roman Forum and its broken columns visible in the background. The corner of the Arch of Constantine to the right, with a more Renaissance building in the background. The large white palatial façade of the Monument to Victor Emmanuel II, with colonnaded fascia and statue of the mounted ruler on a plinth, probably marble, with a carved frieze surround.

A side view of the Temple of Antoninus and Faustina in the Forum in Rome, with the ruined columns of the Basilica Aemilia in the foreground; the camera moves leftwards a little to take in more of the foreground. A wider view of the Forum, showing the Arch of Titus in the distance. A slightly closer view of the latter, further to the right. A close shot from the middle of the Forum, particularly of the three joined columns of the Temple of Castor and Pollux and the ruins of the House of the Vestal Virgins. A closer, side-on view of the Temple of Castor and Pollux, with the ruins of the Palatinum behind. A view through the middle of the Arch of Septimius Severus, looking back towards the Arch of Titus, the camera moving up the nearer arch to the inscription at the top. A good view from the middle of the Forum, with the Temple of Antoninus and Faustina at the left edge, the Basilica of Maxentius and the Colosseum behind, with the two columns of the Temple of Vesta and three joined columns of the Temple of Castor and Pollux prominent in the foreground.

A view of some temple ruins with people leaning over a wall beside them. A view showing the circular dome of a nearby church behind the ruins, with a crowd gathering in front of it. Another view of the three columns of the Temple of Castor and Pollux, with the Colosseum and Basilica of Maxentius behind, seen from the surrounding hills, between the tops of two trees. Several panoramic shots of Rome from the hills, overlooking treetops.

A brief shot of St Peter's Square in the Vatican, with its Roman obelisk, viewed looking away from St Peter's Basilica. A murky view of St Peter's Basilica, with the obelisk to the right, the camera moving up to the dome, then down again. A shot of the colonnade enclosing the piazza, the camera moving leftwards to include the fountain designed by Bernini. A brighter shot of the same side of the square, with the fountain in the distance and crowds of people and coaches; the camera moves leftwards to take in the obelisk. A view of the other side of St Peter's Square, with its fountain, the camera moving rightwards to include the obelisk again. A view of St Peter's Basilica again, moving up to the dome. A series of shots of priests and worshippers in a religious procession in the square, from left to right across the screen, one priest carrying a large crucifix.

A view of an Italian coastal town or city, probably Naples, showing a priest with a bicycle and another man walking together beside a garden, with the tide visible at the right edge of the screen; the camera moves left to bring into view a high rocky outcrop. People and traffic move through a probably Renaissance stone arch over a main road, a man in the foreground pushing a handcart, and several vehicles passing in front of him. A night view of buildings on the seafront, and the funnels of small vessels in the harbour, with Mount Vesuvius visible in the background. Two closer shots of Vesuvius in low cloud.

A view from a larger boat of a rowing boat full of people, some bright white buildings visible in the background. A close view of two men rowing a boat full of passengers and luggage, moving leftwards across the screen. A shot of the rocky headland seen from the sea, with an assortment of houses and traditional buildings.

The ruins of a city, probably Pompeii or Herculaneum, situated on a headland above the sea, city ruins with a single column and rocky landscape. Sequence of closely cut shots, in effect a pan, of the amphitheatre with remains of a square building, possibly a tower, and a view of the town below; a colonnaded walkway and city wall including a breach in the wall, giving a view of the rocky countryside, archways in brick buildings, broken columns and stone pits in the floor of the amphitheatre. A further sequence of views out over the ruined city walls to barren rocky mountains with settlements.

A sequence of views of the bay and cypress trees through broken sections of the city wall. A grey-haired woman in her 50s or 60s, probably the cameraman's wife, walks along a broad path or terrace with a stone balustrade and a purple flower border. A sequence of views through ruins of the city walls of the bay and coastline below, showing arched recesses and broken columns. A wide view of the amphitheatre built into the mountainside, the seating overgrown with grass. The brick arches and stone walls of the city built into the hillside, a hilltop town on the horizon beyond.

Close up of the grey-haired woman in a turquoise dress in front of a prickly pear cactus. View up the steps of a village street to a villa with balconies and apricot walls, built into the mountainside. High view from a balcony of a small mountain town and its cultivated terraces and trees, and the sea and headland beyond. Similar view. Urban street with palm tree, street lights and shrubs. A rock wall with tourist sequence of wider views of amphitheatre, pit for wild animals at the centre of the arena, and arched passageways into the arena.

A view of a rocky headland and sea, seen through cactus leaves. Shot of a gecko lizard on a sunny stone. A closer shot, before it runs off. A sequence of wide views across the bay of a quiet resort beach, with a few sunbathers and parasols, and rocky headland beyond. A high view of a rocky outcrop in the bay, joined to the beach by a thin sandspit, a group of tourists sitting with parasols near to the wooded foreshore. A sequence of beach shots, a few parasols, rowing boats in the bay and tourists on a quiet sandy beach; a group row out of the bay past the rocky headland.

A sequence by a path to a low stone fortification with a turret, a couple sunbathing on flat rocks by the sea. The grey-haired woman, in floral print dress and holding a carrier bag, walks toward the camera, through the sunbathers, deckchairs and parasols, before the camera looks over the sunbathers towards the sea.

A quiet high street of a small tourist town (possibly Sorrento), with a few tourists and a woman in a red dress carrying a baby, outside a shop selling straw hats.

A sequence of views of a harbour with a column at the harbour mouth, a passenger boat with a single funnel coming into harbour. A sequence of views from the bay of fortified walls, the harbour monument and the coastal city below a mountain ridge.

White-washed terraced buildings of a small coastal town, possibly Sorrento, arches supporting the road, before moving past the town beach to a car park area on the front; a white arched single story building on the hillside up to a crenellated tower on the outcrop above.

A two-decked liner docked in the bay with white-washed town buildings above. Similar view. The grey-haired woman, holds her camera, and walks through boats on the seafront. High view of the coastal town and bay and a heavily wooded walled garden jutting out into the bay above a jetty.

Sequence of wide views over coastal towns on top of cliffs with a mountain range in the distance. High view over a beach with boats pulled up, and four-storey town buildings on the bay. Sequence of closer shots, a fisherman by his boat pulls his line, others tend to their boats on the shore, a male swimmer walks out of the sea, then returns. A sequence of wide views of black volcanic, wooded mountainsides, possibly Vesuvius or Etna, showing old lava flows, a farmer walking by in the foreground. A sequence of high views of ruined town, with brick buildings, columns, square with mosaic flooring, gardens, tiled rooves, stone balconies. Wide view of a volcano in the distance, again possibly Vesuvius or Etna, with town houses and ruins of an ancient town amid the trees in the foreground. Similar. High views of town ruins among trees, assorted ruined buildings along a street with a pavement. Similar, looking down along a street in the present town, mountains in the distance.

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