Film: 7362

Feature Drama | 1930 | Silent | B/W


New York Harbor, U.S.A. Ship's officer walks on quayside. Two stowaways sneak past him. They walk up gangplank and walk about cautiously. They climb steep stairs and prepare to hide inside ship's lifeboat. New York City skyline from the ship. Single funnelled ship sails alongside. Officers walk about. They spot stowaways and march them off. Sailors cast stowaways adrift. They launch ship's lifeboat. Stowaways pushed over the side. They climb down rope ladder. The two men in the boat rowing. 'Three weeks later' the two men find their barrel of water is empty. One picks up barrel, shakes it and collapses. Wireless operator on ship knocks on external cabin's door. He enters the captain's cabin. Captain reads message from another ship saying two dead bodies have been picked up from his ship's lifeboat. The bodies have been buried at sea. Wireless operator leaves. Captin walks on deck and shows telegram to another officer who has been looking through a telescope. Officer is perplexed, removes his cap and scratches his head. In his cabin, Captain is in turmoil. He looks at portait on his desk. He collapses on floor. Officer approaches, feels his heart and covers his face with a handkerchief. Religious scene of St. Peter letting two stowaways into Heaven but rejecting the pleading Captain. He gives the captain a fire extinguisher - oh dear, the Captain is going to Hell. Sun sets.

Another film from the same amateur team:
A town on a snowy and rocky coastline. Trail behind ship as it has cut a path through ice. Shots over the side of icebreaking as the ship breaks it way through the ice. Ice fields.

Another film:
Sunny day and men play ship's quoits. Men dive and jump into pool on deck of ship. Man's pet monkey on his arm on a cruise liner. Village cricket match. Cricketers waiting to go out to bat. Fancy dress on ship. Two men, one dressed as a Chinese Mandarin and one dressed as cowboy walk to camera. Other characters are a sheik, a pirate and a man in drag or womens' clothes. Two men in officers' hats sit in rowing boat on sea. Setting sun.

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