Film: 7365

Places + Locations | 1960 | Silent | Colour


Amateur home movie
Egypt, the Nile 1960's
Small motorboat crossing the river in front of large, industrial docks. Panoramic view of the shore from the water. Large steam ships. Warehouses, porters, loaded crates. Car journey further inland. Passing mansions and through small market town. Local people onlooking. Donkey pulling a man with and a loaded cart. Camels in the desert. Hobbled camels, wicker structures - possibly shelters? Desert dwellings. Pleasure cruise, tourists and Egyptian tour guide. City scenes, Cairo. Railway station, high rise buildings. Mosques and Islamic architecture. Camel riders through the streets. Street scenes, markets, fruit sellers. School children in uniform. Buses, trams, bicycles, carts, donkeys, camels and pedestrians. Tourism: camel ride to the pyramids. Shots of pyramids, sphinx, interior of temples. Mother with her two sons. Train station, departure from Egypt. Arrival home, two boys greet possibly housekeeper or servants in Egyption costume/ dress. Greet dog. Cases taken into the house.

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