Film: 7368

Farming + Rural Life | 1930 | Sound | B/W


Hereford Pedigree Cattle - beef farming.

Village postman on a bicycle gives a letter to a farmer, it's notice of a meeting of the Young farmers at Bodenham, Herefordshire. Oast houses. Hereford Bulls. The Young Farmers Stockjudging practice learning how to judge a good bull.
A herd transfer document for farmer Henry Robertson, Tarrington, Herefordshire. Getting the store cattle off. Farmer's wife gets into her car to go to Hereford market. Country bus with "Gloucester" on the front picks up a passenger. Traffic into Hereford and the nearest farms walk their cattle into market. Hereford market is the 'largest in England'. Cattle in pens and market stalls selling other produce.

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