Film: 7370

Sport | 1940 | Sound | B/W


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Tour De France? Cyclists lined up in street. Close up of one of the cyclists. Cyclists on an open road. Cyclists going through wooded area. One of the riders has a fall. Close of bike going past another. Cyclists approaching and going around a corner with crowd watching. Dirty face of the winner smiling. Jen Robic?

Ski Slalom racing. Close up of skis. Skier approaches finishing line. Another skier takes a turn. Group of skiers waiting. No 1 does the course. No 12 going around poles. No 30 smiles and sets off as the timekeeper sets his watch. Skier going through trees and down slope before he falls. More tumbles.

A chip in ice. Close up of the broken up ice. Overhead view of ship and frozen waters. Men drilling into ice. Markers set out. Blowing up the ice leaving a hole of water.

Place with mineshaft or industrial tower in background. Crowd gathered.
Three men standing to attention, two in uniform, receive medals. Crowd watching. Three men stand to attention in falling snow with a flag bearer and crowd in the background. Close up of flag with words 'section de Sarrelouis'. Closer view of crowd. Two men shake hands.

Building with name on it. Inside the lavish building an audience seated. Man with beard speaking. All stand and clap. Two men seated talking.
Flags on a building. Man in uniform giving speech. Several men one heavily decorated with medals seated in the audience. Others in audience listening intently. Audience clap. VIPs' clapping with portraits on the wall in background.

Vietnam. Men on roadside with tools. Men pulling and tipping a primitive wheelbarrow of soil onto the road. Crane moving containers, which appear to have Maple leaf of Canada on them. Bulldozer working. European man showing workers how to work controls on the machine. Another machine working.

'La Machine qui accuse'. Corner building and doorway. A sign for 'Central Registry of War Criminals and Security Suspects. Inside a man at his desk with telephone to one side. Fingerprinting. Close up taking thumb print and then index finger print. Criminal in glasses sat on chair being photographed with label around his neck and the number SS28575. Close up of the convict. Women in a large office/typing pool working. The man at his desk with visitor. The two men look at two wall boards (Feuille de Detention and Feuille de Recherches) one of the men using a stick to point.
The boards indicate specific criminals, date name, crime etc. One of the names is Herman Schultz. A woman works at an early typewriter with pressing a calculator or coding machine at the side. Printing/Duplicating machine. Sorting process. An armful of papers is taken to a desk. The woman at the desk looks at papers with photo i.d.
Men sat against a yard wall. A guard approaches the men and they all stand and salute. The guard checks the papers of the man in heavy rimmed glasses and puts handcuffs on him. A large courtroom where those seated put on headphones. Courtroom scenes and speakers. Overhead view of courtroom. Nuremberg trials.

'La Nuit de Bethleem'. Views of Bethlehem, Israel. Exterior of the Church of the Nativity. A woman in headdress with mountains in background. Entrance to the church through small doorway. Interior scene with altar and people praying. Clergymen with candles. Bearded Bishop. Other priests. Baby in crib. Altar scene with star above. Landscape views Bethlehem. Olive Groves.

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