Film: 7372

Personalities | 1940 | Silent | B/W


Arthur Melbourne Cooper, amateur home movie. Cinema pioneer from St Albans, originator of animation in the UK, pioneer of advertising films and cinema exhibition and assistant to Birt Acres.

A cottage, white walls, small windows with a tree that spreads across, an elderly man, half bald, dressed smartly in suit walks towards the camera, Arthur Melbourne Cooper, there is a large hedge which separates the house from the road. A park, a brick wall in the background, behind the brick wall there are some tree branches, in front of the brick wall there is a area covered with grass, in the centre there is a small water pump, next to this there is a wooden bench, a girl with medium length hair, wearing a dress have attached a long skipping rope to the water pump and plays by herself. View of the same cottage again, the man is walking back to the house, a lady dressed in a dark jumper and a skirt is walking her dog on the road, the man stops walking and looks over, holds a chair in his hand. Medium shot of the elderly man, presumably Arthur Melbourne Cooper, coming out from the entrance of the house which has a wooden beam plants covers the entrance area and there is a little garden just next to the entrance, he comes out with a pipe in his mouth, he is holding some matches, the camera follows the man who looks back with a slight smile, close up it is evident that the man likes to take care of his appearance. The elderly man is walking in front of his house, he inspects his flowers and sits on a wicker chair next to the tree. Close up of the man sitting on the chair, to his both sides there are two ladies, one on his left is wearing a patterned dress and is older then the other lady who is dressed in a dark dress. Close up of the man talking to one of the ladies, he is still sitting on the chair with the pipe. He smiles to the camera. The man's left side view. A view of the elderly man, his wife and behind the elderly man there is another younger looking man (definitely John Huntley) who is towering over the elderly man trying to get the man to site directly to the camera, the elderly man jokes by putting his feet up on the chair and others and himself smiles, the young man checks the intensity of the light for the camera with a light meter. Front of house, the elderly man walks back with another elderly man.

Close up of a poster on the ground, close up of the headline that says, "Marvellion's animated photos, Two Great Alhambra Success." "Paul's original theatrograph." a hand is holding down the poster to stop it from flying away. A high street, entrance of a house, there is a ceramic flower pot with some flowers opposite to the cottage, a lady stands on the front door in a relaxed manner, an elderly man and a young man walks over to the house.

Close up of the elderly man sitting on a sofa with fabric coverings, beyond the sofa, there is a jug on top of a small table, the man is very old, (possibly film pioneer G.A. Smith or is it Melbourne Cooper a few years later?) he is contemplating. He is listening to a conversation, he nods approvingly, he has a gentle face. The same man is walking in a garden with another lady who supports him, there is a hedge and flowers in the background, the lady and the elderly man enjoys looking at the flowers. Close up of the elderly man conversing with the lady. End of Film.

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