Film: 7376

Places + Locations | 1960 | Silent | Colour


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Bibione, Italy, Europe. Amateur home movie.
Covered roadway at foot of cliff. Town with green hills in background. Low rise flats, modern housing, ships in harbour (freighter), moored sailing ship with Italian flag. Amphitheatre, cars, government building (?), empty chairs and tables outside cafe. Large colourful gardens with statues. Ancient arches, poplar trees, moored gondola. Venice, Italy, Europe:
Venice from approaching motor boat. Motor barge shot from motor boat on canal. Churches. Pomegranate tree. Moored motor boat and gondolas on canal, people waiting on canal edge. Bridge over the canal. Buying glassware from market. Multicoloured houses along canal. Wooden bridge over canal ('Ponte dell'Accademia' (?)). Children playing. Women buying fruit at market. Venice from canal. Large number of boats, gondolas, bridge over canal, St Mark's Square, Venice, Italy. Women with pigeons. Various Venetian sights.

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