Film: 7379

Places + Locations | 1920 | Silent | B/W


Unable to identify cities but could be Boulogne, Nice, Paris (France, Europe) and Milan (Italy, Europe). Amateur home movie.
Shots of various cities and harbours. Sail boats at sea. Two men fixing cables in street. Baby playing in the sand on a beach. Adults in swimwear of the time walk by. Children collect baby and, together, they walk towards camera. All children are wearing swimming costumes too. Man in swimwear walks towards camera. Beach ball bounces as women in swimming costumes walk towards camera. Dutch women in traditional dress with yokes across shoulders and buckets hanging. Large dogs pulling carts down a cobbled street (in Holland, Europe). A Dutch market, people on bicycles, women in national costume, cobbled streets. Women in European fashions of the time. Crowds of Dutch women in traditional (big)hats. A large windmill. A (Dutch?) town square. A city from a high view point, camera pans. Ships on a very wide river. People walking along path flanked by flags of European countries. Horse drawn cart with large barrels on it. A ship leaving harbour. A large country / farm house (could be English). Valley with village. Procession of horse drawn wagons, on the wagons are Christmas trees and children. These are followed by marching brass band and children in fancy dress. Carnival floats. Shot of wide rivers. Speed boat on river.

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