Film: 7381

Places + Locations | 1930 | Silent | B/W


Italian Lakes And Venice. An amateur home movie recording a visit in North Italy (Venice, Como) and Switzerland (?) (Lugano, Lucerna?).
A boy enters a house. The interior of a dark room. Cars in front of a hotel, one of them drives away slowly. Another car arrives, stops, two people get off and walk into the hotel. The car manoeuvres to park. .A woman. A man walking quite fast on a pavement. A ship. Close-up of a huge crane. View of a part of the Rialto Bridge in Venice is seen from a gondola. Some gondolas in the lagoon. People passing over a small bridge over a canal, in which three men are on a little boat. View of Saint Mark's Cathedral. Gondolas and boat in the lagoon, in the back a huge ship. Two women sitting at a table. The Mori's Tower in Saint Mark's Square. A view of the square. Boats in the lagoon. A view of the Dofe palace as seen from a gondola. The Rialto Bridge. A gondola passing by in a canal. A fountain. A young boy feeding the pigeons. The façade of a church. The entrance of another church. A bridge over a river. Some buildings. Another bridge. A peacock in its pen. A fountain. A village on a lake. A bridge over the lake. View of the village as seen from the water of the lake. View of the mountains that encircle the lake. Two women walking down some steps, then they walk along a small pathway. A train tunnel. A small train. The rail-track going into the tunnel. View of some mountains, the top of some of them is covered with snow. A man and a woman playing guitars. A village on the shore of a lake. Two women on a boat. Villas on the shore of the lake. The two women standing in front of the camera. A funicular railway. A church and building on the lake. A boat. A picnic on the grass. A boat steaming in a lake. Few passengers sitting on deck. View of a village on the shores. Streets of a village. Two soldiers (or policemen) on horses. The branches of a tree.

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