Film: 7382

Places + Locations | 1940 | Sound | B/W


Rebuilding Dover after World War Two.
The white cliffs of Dover, Kent - aerial shots - followed by the town itself. Castle gates being shut, uniformed attendant's head appears in door in the gate. Air raid shelter situated in cliffs. Shell damaged Dover - shots of damaged houses. Short historical reconstruction of Bleriot making first flight across English Channel. Dover's market square - people and bus (stationary). There are two narrators who are talking to borough engineer in a wood panelled office. Shots of Old Dover - narrow streets. Plan of intended reconstruction. construction work, near completion and half completed houses. Man pushing cart down residential street. Men painting, bricklaying. Car drives through Dover streets. Boy on bicycle. Mayor of Dover. Prefabricated houses - one being transported on a lorry - a crane lowers it into position. Men laying pipes, digging trenches. The reconstruction of the town of Dover after the war.

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