Film: 7385

Sport | 1930 | Silent | B/W


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IV Winter Games in 1936 in Garmisch-Parten Kirchen, Germany. Crowd shown from behind in heavy snowfall. Teams shown walking through snow with sign denoting country. Team passes by, possibly Switzerland. Member carrying flag, rest of team shown giving Nazi salute as do crowd. Shot from behind of crowd, all with right arms raised in Nazi salute. Belgian team shown marching by then German team. Second member carries large swastika flag, while other team members give salute. Shot of all teams standing to attention at foot of ski run. Shot of spectators from a balcony, possibly a pavilion or lodge. Adolf Hitler can be seen in civilian clothes. Some spectators in military uniform. Long shot of Olympic tower showing the five rings and the flame. Competitor, possibly German, shown speaking to crowd on microphone. Probably opening the games. Competitors carrying their nation's flags trudge across snow to the rest of their team mates. Shot of line of female skaters with arms linked. Camera pans along line. Sonja Henie, the Norwegian skater, later film star, is shown doing a twirl and jump, then leaning forward on her right leg, with her left in the air. The male skater, Schafer, probably German, is then shown spinning and twirling on the rink. A jump is successfully completed. A mixed couple, Maxie Herber and Ernst Baier are next to be shown but first there is a shot of Hitler, seated watching in a trilby and overcoat. Next but one in another trilby is possibly Joseph Goebbels. Seated behind them are uniformed SS personnel. The two skaters, probably German competitors, stand to attention on the rink and give the Nazi salute. They then proceed to skate together in front of a packed seated crowd. The skate holding hands separate, pirouette with Baier lifting Herber in the air. They finish with some intricate footwork, before saluting the crowd. A shot of the speed skating ring shows a snow capped mountain in the background. Two skaters can be seen hurtling around the track. A head-on shot of two speed skaters coming down the straight and then tackling the bend. They are shown skating down the back straight. Then what looks like the winner is shown being congratulated by two men, probably officials. Next up is the four man toboggan. What looks like the German team is shown being pushed off and embarking on their run. They are shown hurtling through the track as spectators look on. Another team is then shown tackling one of the bends before overturning as they tackle another bend unsuccessfully. Their empty toboggan continues on its way. A single male skier is shown weaving between sticks in the slalom event. Another skier in the same event is shown losing his balance and crashing into the surrounding snow. Franz Pfnur, probably the German competitor in the slalom, is shown going through his paces and crossing the finish line, before sliding to a halt in front of the camera. Female skier Christl Carnz, the German entrant, is shown setting off on her slalom run. She successfully weaves her way around the course before crossing the finish line. She is then shown with gloves removed talking to what are probably male officials. A swastika badge can be seen , sewn onto the left arm of her top. Birger Ruud is then shown hurtling down the ski jump successfully completing his leap. As he skis towards the camera wearing bobble hat and gloves, the flag of Norway can be seen sewn on the sleeve of his top. Two more skiers are shown in mid-air, before what looks like the Finnish competitor is shown descending the slope before launching himself into mid-air and successfully landing in the snow at the foot of the jump. Another shot of the Olympic flame alight at the top of the tower. Then a close up of the five ring Olympic emblem, before a fluttering Olympic flag. A male skater, resplendent in cap, goes through his paces on the rink. He is shown turning, twirling and skating on one leg. He then pirouettes to a standstill. The same skater is then shown going through some intricate footwork on the ice watched closely by other skaters. Then what looks like the German competitor is shown completing his routine. Another shot of the Olympic flag before abrupt end.

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