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Puerto Rico 1960's

Camera pans across the Capitol Building in San Juan, Puerto Rico, to a procession of United States troops walking past, holding stars and stripes flags. They parade past the reviewing stand which includes the 167th Governor of Puerto Rico. A company of U.S. marines, rifles placed on shoulders, marches past. The Governor waves from the stand. Floats carrying large models of a 15th century type ship ( Columbus ?) and early locomotive drive by, watched by a large crowd.
An aircraft flies over the coastal city. Two women, one carrying an umbrella to shield the strong sunlight, walk past a statue of a Spanish historical figure in a square. Coastal shot of the island reveals hills inland. Palm trees by the sea blow in the wind. Sugar cane fields cover parts of the interior and are cut down by workers.
Front shot of Government building with car driving up to entrance. Officials of the planning board sit at a table. A shot of the rooftops shows them clustered together, indicating the density of population. Much of the housing is of poor quality, reflected by the small wooden shack in front of which a man and woman are digging or raking away in a hole, and houses which have a large pool of stagnant water in front of them.
New housing is in construction, two floor blocks of flats. A group of boys sprint down one of the roads on the newly built housing state. In the playground, children play on the swings and slides. Close up of boys sliding down the slide.
Simple wooden houses on government land have been provided with access to electricity. Close up of electricity pole with power points. A man in a hat waters his garden.
Exterior shot of newly built hospital in Puerto Rico City. Inside the children's ward, a nurse briefly holds a baby up in her arms, before placing the child back in the cot. A baby stares out through the bars of the cot. Close up of a male patient lying in bed.
Three members of the planning board discuss matters whilst looking at a model of a building project. A room full of designers shows them busily working at their desks. A sign shows the proposed " Park Boulevar " development plan, in front of which four men dig a hole. Elsewhere on this construction site, a man tips something out of his wheelbarrow. Two men work on a house; a worker digs a hole in front of a newly built house. Through the palm trees see the newly constructed houses.
The Planning Board holds a meeting with members crowding around the table, which is full of papers and trays. The pore over details of the plans.
Exterior shot of newly built school. A car drives up newly constructed road in the hills. Shot of a hydro electric dam. Exterior shot of government building where the senate resides. Inside the senators are in session. Exterior shot off newly built glass factory. Details inside the glass factory include glass bottles being made on the production line and being loaded into boxes by male workers. Exterior shot followed by a look inside a paper factory. A male worker with oiling can oils one of the rollers. Two workmen stand in front of three large rolls of paper.
Various shots of the cement factory follow: factory worker wearing mask places bags which are then filled with cement on the production line. Workers pile up the cement bags outside.
A leather factory of "Red Cape Leather Products Corporation is in the building process.
Two women sitting and man standing clean and coconuts in factory. Close up of young woman wrapping lollipops - candy - in a sweet factory.
Cattle gather under a bare tree and are led by two men on horseback through the countryside. A man clasping branch of small tree talks to the assembled group of the Planning Board. The Planning Board members sit on a small roadside wall in the hills of Puerto Rico and listen to one of their colleagues who points to maps or diagrams that are stuck on to the side of a car.
Caption: College Basketball. Front shot of large Rhode Island State College Building with students mingling outside. Three male students in overalls walk up the steps to one of the college entrance doors. Inside the Chemistry laboratory, the College professor shows Ernie Calvally ?? A leading college basketball player what is required. Shots follow of Ernie in his room studying and relaxing in the fraternity house, sitting around a fireplace and listening to records with other male students.
In Salt Lake City, the Utah college male basketball team gets ready in the changing rooms for their practice session. They run out onto the court and start practising shots at the basket. Their training also includes a stop and go drill - running forward, stopping, turning round and running forward again - and ball handling exercises.
Close up of Madison Square garden sign. Inside on the basketball court Utah in white takes on St John's. Various shots of the game follow, interspersed with shots of the crowd.
Caption - The End

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