Film: 7406

Aviation | 1980 | Sound | Colour


British Aerospace Aircraft Group production, either for Ministry of Defence or for trainee RAF jet fighter pilots. A film that could also have been intended for the commercial promotion of the Jaguar fighter plane 1980's

A fighter pilot walking to his waiting plane. Long shot of him climbing aboard, his figure silhouetted by the rotating red undercarriage beacon. Profile as he climbs into cockpit, and is helped on with equipment. Plane taxiing out to the runway. Soundtrack is of stealthy almost stalking music, appropriate to the subject matter. Fighter takes of to the west and into the twilight sky. Roar of the jet engines as the Sepecat Jaguar A begins to reach supersonic speed.

Three Jaguars taxiing out to runway, one leaving its hanger.

The commentary states that this is RAF speech to indicate that the Jaguar is deployed in front line operational squadrons and is already a vital weapon in the NATO armoury.

Three Jaguars abreast on exercise, possibly over a Europe landscape. The Jaguar is in service with British, French and Indian air forces, but also Ecuador, Oman and a provisional sixth and unnamed air force. A supersonic low-level attack fighter plane that is extremely successful. Shots of a fighter over what appears to be a middle eastern desert. Close up of fighter pilot's finger on firing button and joystick and a panning shot of cannon shells exploding on ground along a designated target, right to left. Four bombs are released and camera follows their descent to also explode on the ground.

In flight camera shot, from just to the left of pilot, of a sidewinder heat seeking missile being fired. Two Jaguars in tandem, shadowed on the desert floor. An American observer talks of the difficulties experienced during a NATO exercise in tracking, finding and 'killing' these exceptional jet fighters. Variety of shots over further middle east terrain to illustrate low-level flying techniques.

However, along with simple effective use of the plane, so comes maintenance and storage facilities, reliability and on going mechanics. A ground crew is filmed working on a Jaguar, methodically yet quickly. Loading of weapons and a close up of the design qualities of the craft in conjunction with its operational performance. Long shot of a Jaguar taking off over an airfield, improvisation, and a motorway. Versatility and manoeuvrability.

A two seater Jaguar B fighter in flight. View from cockpit to demonstrate the excellent field of vision held by the second pilot, for all instances. Further shot of weapons loading and sequence of clips showing different array of firepower. Camera follows a Jaguar on low-level flying exercise through either the Scottish Highlands or north west England (the Lake District). Sidewinder missile being fired from outboard underwing stations. Further shots through British landscape. On board camera shows images of both the weapons aiming system and a moving map screen for the navigator.

Long shot of an accurate single pass low-level attack with bomb exploding, and further various shots of this manoeuvre. The commentary begins to summarise the planes various characteristics, as a montage of shots highlights each aspect. Ease of maintenance; self-sufficiency; a large and wide range of stores, including weaponry; versatility and long range operations from makeshift airstrips; an accurate navigation and weapons aiming system; a first pass attack capability. All of which are refined into a single jet fighter.

High altitude overhead shot of four Jaguars in formation. Revolves around to be an ending parallel tracking shot. Repeat of opening soundtrack. Fade to end.

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