Film: 7414

Science | 1950 | Sound | Colour


Nuclear Fission 1950's

The periodic table. The nucleus and electron cloud of an atom. Construction of the nucleus (protons and neutrons). Neutrons bombard through atomic structure. Uranium atoms, Uranium 235. Bombarding neutrons break uranium nuclei in half, releasing energy. Representation of nuclear fission. Chain reaction due to release of neutrons. Explanation of the difference between natural and 'tightly packed' uranium. Mass demonstrated by cube, as cube becomes larger, fission is more likely. Chain reaction. Block split in half to produce sub-critical masses of uranium. Moved together to provide super-critical mass.
Graphite moderated nuclear reactor. Footage of lorry pulling alongside barrels, workers in white boiler suits move to rear to undo tarpaulin. Worker blowtorches barrel of uranium open. Close up of white capped worker, medium long shot of worker attaching barrel to winch. Gas masked workers produce plugs of metallic uranium. Man works on lathe-type machine, producing a rod of uranium metal. Various shots of rods, lined up with workers in background. Man feeds rod through hole in wall, man receives rod and places it in a rack. Rack travels into reactor entrance, model to illustrate reactor arrangement, i.e. rods of uranium set in graphite block. Short clip of actual research reactor. Model encased in 'graphite' and 'concrete' layers. Substances which act as good neutron moderators, e.g. water, graphite, oil etc., all set on table with labels. Shot of man's torso in white coat. Animation of the difference between slow moving and fast moving neutrons through fissile atoms. Fission occurs with slow moving neutrons. Footage, in medium shot, of man lining up two golf balls on a green. Hits one ball hard, and it shoots over the hole. Hits other one gently to give a hole in one. Back to model of reactor, to explain how graphite slows neutrons down. Life footage of removal of baron rods from reactor to release neutrons for fission. Scientist in white coat sitting behind screens and control panels. Close up of dials. Close ups of dials, gauges, flashing lights etc. Exterior shot of nuclear power station graphite reactor.

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