Film: 7419

Shipping | 1940 | Sound | B/W


Royal Navy and South African Navy during World War Two.

A man stands drawing or painting. Reverse angle to see him drawing on paper. Closer as he draws a camp sailor - apparently the cartoonists' motto is 'blow me up and blow me down, it only costs you half a crown' which is funny. The man dips his fine brush in an inkpot. His sailor picture nears completion. The picture as his hand writes 'Sam' and signs Bob Connolly. Close of the picture - this 'Sam' is used for a badge which is worn by sailors. A hand fixes such a hbadge to a lapel. Closer of the badge which is worn to show gratitude to sailors. Aerial view of large ships at sea, indisticnt, but possibly battleships. A view from sea level. Battleships approach in awesome manner. Different warships seen from stern. A small naval vessel sails a choppy sea. A sailor chops meat. A pile of chopped meat. A cook stirs a large bowl. Milk is poured into a bowl. A cook pulls a tray of roast meat from an oven. Closer. Sailors and cooks together. A ship's canteen with sailors eating at long tables. They eat and drink. Two of the diners. Vessels are filled from a barrel bearing a patriotic slogan, the liquid is beer or water. Wider shot, other men standing around. Sailors in their hammocks and sitting around relaxing. A sailor reads a book in his hammock. Indistinct ships at sea. A periscope peeps up through the water. A U-boat captain looks into the periscope. A panorama of the ships he can see - most of them merchant ships. A German pulls levers to release a torpedo. The torpedo is launched. The torpedo leaves a trail as it speeds underwater. There is an explosion. A merchant ship sinks. A rescue party in a small lifeboat, rowing to or from the scene. A young man wearing a lifejacket shivers after being rescued. The small boat rowing out at sea. Sign for a welcome club for merchant seamen. Women assistants help men try on jackets and jumpers. An older woman helps one man with a hat and jumper. Officers and civilians relax in an affluent room, near the piano which one plays. One reads a newspaper. Another throws darts at a dartboard. His darts hit the dartboard. Three uniformed and hat wearing sailors play dominoes. One smokes a pipe. Others play and watch draughts. Closer shot. A waitress removes plates from two young sailors sat at the table. She smiles. A diner smiles as the camera catches him dropping food from his mouth. A mess hall full of Indian (probably) sailors relaxing. Similar.
Two sailors and a woman relaxing on a lawn or village green.. Children playing football behind. Closer shot of woman flicking through a magazine. The sailors join in the football. Seamen handle vines in a vineyard in South Africa. Montage of their faces. A couple of sailors try to ride a huge pig in a field, but it throws them off. A sailor irons his trousers, standing with bare legs. Seamen play in a band - a drummer, an accordionist and a ukelele player - at the Seamens' Institute, Cape Town in South Africa. Couples dance happily to the music. Close-up of the accordian player playing and smoking. Couples on the dancefloor. Officers descend the gangplank to disembark from a ship watched by their crew or colleagues. The faces of the crew. The officers wave up at the crew from the quayside. A group of sailors with hot dishes and food outside a 'Seamens' Institute & Rest', café or similar. One of the sailors buys bananas froma woman serving there. Exterior of a 'Seamen's Institute & Rest' hotel. Inside, a shared room, three sailors hanging out. A merchant navy badge on one of the men's lapels. One of the men sips a hot drink. In a common room sailors read. A bearded seaman writes a letter. Closer, to see 'Canada' on his suit. Another sailor writes a letter. Closer, to emphasise the tattoo on his arm. Sailors play or watch table tennis in a games room. A seaman plays snooker, as the voice-over tells us that the people of South Africa have supported various seamen's insitutions. Exterior of an 'Indian Seamen's Club', Indian seamen enter it. Indian seamen sit listening to drums being played. One of those listening. One of the drummers. An Indian listening. A newly built complex where seamen can stay. Nurses open hospital doors to allow a seaman on a trolley through. The injured man is wheeled into an operating theatre. Nurses prepare the man's arm for an injection. The patient is surrounded by surgeons and nurses. In a ward, a ship's captain and nurses inspect a seaman's leg in plaster. Seamen busy in a workshop doing 'occupational therapy'. One man, with dangling cigarette, holds an object for a machine to sew or beat it. Another man polishes the cupboard he has made. (He also has a cigarette in his mouth). A naval officer oversees men working with bits of cloth. Seamen and a woman under an earth patch. An officer hands papers or forms to three seamen as they leave this institution and board a bus. Seamen on board a train are seen off by mothers and lovers. Wider shot to show the crowded platform, everyone waving as the railway train pulls out. The train pulls in at another station, inland where three sailors are visiting on leave. The seamen depart the train. They assemble round a woman carrying a pad. Three sailors accompany her. Another three climb into a car. Four others get out of a car, with a middle aged woman. Sailors attend some kind of 'do' outside - women pour them tea. A middle aged woman hands a sailor a cup of tea. Elsewhere in the gardens, two sailors and a woman mount horses. Seamen relax outside a house. Some reading, others playing table tennis. A seaman enjoys a cigarette and a magazine. A South African naval school - boys in uniform learning to tie knots and to signal with flags on the deck of a ship. Closer, the boys doing synchronised flag waving. Trainees ascend practice rigging, watched by a group of boys. Two distinguished officers watch the boys in the rigging. Boys as they near the top of the rigging. Below, other young men manoevre a small cannon, while others pull a carriage. The cannon is sighted, then loaded, readied and fired.
Women of various ages in a hall all spinnig wool - something to do with Lady Week. Closer shot of several women. Hands holding a thread, spinning wool. A wool pile unravels. A woman hands balls of wool to waiting women. Closer, older women sit in armchairs in a garden, knitting. Two women knitting inside. Close shot of hands knitting. Women look at the knitted garments that have been produced - stockings, a jumper. Closer of the jumper. A discharged serviceman mskes a blanket on a loom (to be sold in aid of seamen). Another angle. The man works the loom. His foot depresses a pedal. The loom in action. Woollen scarves with a notice: 'handwoven Soth African woollen goods. Women trace shapes on cloth to be cut out for garments. A closer shot of same. A woman cuts out a shape. Closer. Black men sit outside sewing the cloth shapes. Close up of hands and needle. The man's face. A woman brings these men even more pieces of sheepskin. Hospitalised soldiers sit sewing sheepskin remnants into toys (to be sold for sailors). A toy shape being cut out. One of the soldiers sewing. Closer. Another man attaches a sole to a shoe. Various toys - teddy bears, dolls etc. on a table. Closer some of the cuddly toys. Four black men carry a heavy crate. It is loaded onto a truck and we see its destination marked - Italy. Another crate bound for the Mediterranean. Another for the U.K. The lorry laden with crates drives away. It is an odd looking lorry with a wide back. Seamen and women in uniform handle clothes on a table. The sailors try on sheepskin jackets. One laughs as he tries a hat. Gloves are tried on. The iced up bow of a merchant ship at sea. Voice over urges us to get involved with Navy Week to help out. A seaman breaks ice on deck. A sailor knocks ice off the huge guns of a warship. A sailor with binoculars scans the sky. The bow of a ship as it splashes water in a heavy sea, other ships visible in the distance. Ships seen near the horizon, from another ship. Sailor strolls on the deck of a ship.

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