Film: 7420

Social History | 1950 | Sound | Colour


Leslie Mitchell is persuaded to stand in for ill presenter on cookery programme and examine gas cookers 1950's

Opening in TV studio with producer and crew. Woman and gas cooker in background. Woman and producer discuss absence of presenter. View man in corner reading book, face hidden. Producer goes to man, Leslie Mitchell and asks him to be stand-in presenter. Producer hands Leslie script and Leslie protests. View of woman showing Leslie that all the food is prepared. Further discussions. Woman shows Leslie how to work the cooker and what the various knobs are for. As Leslie tries one of the knobs a cartoon flame called Mr Sam appears. The woman demonstrates how easy the cooker is to clean as it all comes apart and she takes off the hob, burners and grill. View camera man looking at his watch. View woman putting cooker back together. Leslie speaks to camera. Leslie goes to cooker to find oven. Woman shows him where the oven is and how to open and close. Film ends abruptly as she is about to demonstrate how the oven is lit.

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