Film: 7421

Places + Locations | 1940 | Sound | B/W


A film about post-war New Zealand (NZ), that covers aspects of the welfare state, the housing problem, defining gender roles in the suburbs, the four centres of New Zealand and the arts 1940's

Free school dental service: child receiving dental treatment from female nurse; a dental tool in the mouth of a boy with freckles. Rows of dental chairs in a large hall. Children eating and drinking at large tables outside barrack-like buildings. Children eating meals off large plates. Children sunbathing on cots, each child is wearing a sun hat. Boys wearing only shorts queuing up to be weighed. This is a camp in NZ where malnourished children are sent by their school doctors in order to build up their strength. Baby being taken out of cot by nurse; baby being bathed by nurse wearing a uniform and a mask. Child being given a bed bath by a nurse in uniform. Operating theatre: doctors, surgeons and nurses cluster around operating table while they execute operation. Hospital exterior: ambulance travelling on road towards hospital. Men in overcoats sitting on a park benches and low walls in a park (lots of pigeons and traffic in the background). Housing estate of bungalows and detached houses with own gardens. Shots of old houses built in timber. Blocks of flats (1930s architecture). Woman mowing lawn in front of house. Child playing with dog on lawn as father supervises. Wealthy New Zealanders on terrace overlooking town. Woman at sink in kitchen; woman cutting small boy's hair. Baby in a cot. Woman dressing baby sitting on her lap. Woman pegging out washing on line. Mother and father laughing as they feed baby in the garden. Woman polishing black car as boy and dog watch. Man mowing lawn then raking garden. Woman and girls in park overlooking town. Dunedin, NZ: aerial view; tram overflowing with people as it travels down road; aerial view of Dunedin streets. Christchurch, NZ: aerial view of people disembarking tram on busy street; the River Avon in Christchurch. Auckland, NZ: Civic building. Wellington, NZ: street with cars on it; people crossing road; trams; churches (exterior and interior); a congregation singing. Victoria University of Wellington, New Zealand; shots of students. People entering lecture hall for lunch hour concert; crowds inside hall.

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