Film: 7427

Newsreels + Film Magazines | 1940 | Sound | B/W


Gas industry newsreel 1940's

A man in black tie does some unimpressive magic tricks with a hat. Takes out a jewelled box which has a mechanical bird popping out the top making bird noises. He then takes out of a jade frog parasol handle. He attempts to put his hand in again a puppet shaped like a personified flame pops out. Coloured glass ornament workshop. Using gas burners to melt and form the glass. A panning shot of the different glass models. Model ship building. Using gas flames to solder the mast. Painting of a model ship. Ground coats are sprayed on and dried in a gas fired drying cabinet. Assemblers perform the finishing touches. The battle of Trafalgar modelled.

The gas council stand. Models showing the benefits of gas. A model women by a bath. An old couple by a gas fireside. A woman holding a frying pan. A fridge open with a woman holding sundaes. A woman holding a washing bag.

Die cast metal for model cars. Ground colour spraying by machine. Colours are sprayed on through masks. A walkthrough model town.

Bob Pelham shows the man in black tie his puppets.

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