Film: 7428

Shipping | 1950 | Sound | B/W


Coronation Review 1950's

Trawlers. Spithead. Ships pulling in to harbour. Men standing at the ships prow. Men departing from the ship in blazers and white shirts. Fish being pulled off the ship. Ship hauled out of the water. Men cleaning the ship with brushes. Men painting the ships. A ship is slipped back into the water. The Mayor meets the captain and crew. A man disengages the rope mooring the ship. The ship departs. Lots of people in the harbour and beach waving. The captain talks to the maritime pilot. Machinery at work, lots of large pistons. Sailors eating food together. Men polish the ship's windows. The ship passes through a host of cruisers, carriers and tankers. Drops anchor. A panorama of large ships across the horizon. The ships are adorned with flags to ready for the Queen. Some sailors meet the queen, lots of saluting. Helicopters and planes do a flyover above the boats. The ship sails back. Sailors tying ropes.

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