Film: 7434

Road Transport | 1950 | Sound | B/W + Colour


A 1953 driver's education safety film by the American Transit Association entitled "It's Wanton" melodramatically narrated by Lowell Thomas. Good road safety and road accidents scenes, with brutal footage of actual car accident carnage. Also includes American domestic scenes from the 1940's and early 1950's, World War Two footage, a re-enactment of a husband going to and returning home from World War Two and excellent scenes showing a newscaster at work.

00:00:00 Opening credits.

00:00:02 Close up of clock (displaying a time of 06:45 or 18:45), camera zooms out to office scene (poor quality, frame is stuck and there is no sound after the credits until 00:00:17)

00:00:17 Radio studio scene, a director cues a male radio presenter or newscaster standing in left of frame, who begins reading a script into a microphone while a second male radio presenter sits at a desk in the centre of the frame, camera zooms slowly towards the two presenters. Several scenes of a male news broadcaster Lowell Jackson Thomas (who, interestingly, is best known as the man who made Lawrence of Arabia famous) sitting behind a desk, wearing a suit and tie with a pencil-thin moustache as he reads off several pages into a microphone and towards the camera, often glancing up at the camera. Narration addresses World War Two and traffic accidents.

00:01:20 A Model T ford automobile or car drives off a rocky cliff, crashing and spinning as it falls, several texts are superimposed over the car as it crashes, including "Entire Family Dies in Auto Crash", "4 Die in Grade Crossing", "Car Hits Woman Crossing Street", "14 Hurt as Auto Plows Into Crowd", "Crash Kills 3 Servicemen", "Hit-Run Auto Kills Woman", "Crash Death Ends Holiday", "Car Crash Victim".

00:01:34 "Hit-Run Driver Injures Child". Still photograph of hurt child lying on his or her back with several adults attending to the child. Still scene of horrific car crash as camera pans from left to right. Camera zooms to close view of still photograph of a car crash. Montage of horrific car crashes, including injured people and smashed cars. Locomotive or train travelling with a car smashed on its front. Montage of horrific car crashes, including injured and dead people and smashed cars. Narration regarding the safety of automobiles.

00:02:08 Several scenes of the news broadcaster Lowell Thomas reading off several pages into a microphone and looking towards the camera.

00:02:21 Nice scene of a 1940's housewife sitting at a kitchen table eating when she suddenly fades away leaving an empty chair. Two young boys sit at school desks with their school books, one of the boy fades away leaving an empty chair. A businessman sits at a large oak desk writing before fading away.

00:02:39 Several shots of news broadcaster Lowell Thomas as he addresses the camera. An empty chair in a kitchen, suddenly a 1940's housewife fades into scene, sitting at the table eating. One boy sits at a school desk with his school books, as a second boy fades into the scene and sits in the empty chair in front of the first boy. A large oak desk and leather chair, a businessman fades into scene and sits at the desk writing on paper. Several scenes of news broadcaster Lowell Thomas as he reads off several pages of a letter from a World War Two veteran into a microphone and looks towards the camera.

00:03:41 (Narration is from point of view of the housewife) Domestic scene dramatising a man leaving his American family to fight in World War Two, a woman with brunette hair in a bob stands at left as a businessman descends the stairs on the right, they talk. Close up of woman as she gazes into the man's eyes then they hug desperately. A young girl sitting on the floor looking up, with curly hair with a bow. Close up of the woman embracing the man, with a desperate look on her face. The small girl reaches out and tugs on the man's trousers. The man picks up the young girl and hugs her goodbye, nuzzling her face as he walks out of the scene to the left, the woman picks up the man's briefcase or suitcase.

00:04:31 (Narration switches between the housewife and Lowell Thomas) Scene of the legs of a businessman walking on the pavement from right to left. Footage of World War Two, with a jeep truck driving towards camera on a muddy road with soldiers on either side. World War Two soldiers walking on a muddy track. Male radio presenter sitting behind a desk reading off several pages into a microphone. Soldiers disembark a ship into a row boat or smaller craft on the water, with point of view in the boat. Montage of bombings and war scenes. Close up of a solider wearing a helmet and with a muddy face. Montage of soldiers firing guns and engaging in war. News broadcaster Lowell Thomas reads off several pages into a microphone. Close up of a solider wearing a helmet, smoking, and with a muddy face. Impressive war scene, with black and white flashing lights from the bombs in the night time. Domestic scene of the young housewife standing at left and looking forlorn as she gazes towards her front door awaiting the return of her husband, the camera zooms towards the door, her husband (in a soldier's uniform) bursts in the door. The couple embraces. Close up of a woman and her solider husband embracing and kissing passionately.

00:06:21 News broadcaster Lowell Thomas reads off several pages into a microphone. A young girl stands at the foot of stairs on a house and hands her father a newspaper and hat while he descends the stairs adjusting his tie, he thanks his daughter with a bow and kisses her while his wife enters holding a dishtowel, the husband and wife kiss and smile and he exits left, leaving the housewife smiling in the centre of the frame. Exterior view of an American house, the husband leaves the front door as the housewife kisses him. Close up of wife standing at the doorstep, smiling and waving.

00:07:16 Red traffic light (in colour). Businessman in an automobile waiting at a traffic light. View of a city street with cars parked on either side while a car drives towards the camera along the street in the centre of the frame. View of a traffic light changing from yellow or amber to red (in colour). Close view of a businessman in car gasping in horror as he is about to be hit by an oncoming car. Close up of a woman gasping in horror as she watches the car crash. Montage of several men. View of onlookers. View of a traffic light changing from yellow or amber to red (in colour). Several gruesome close views of a dead man lying across leather seats in a car with blood covering his face and on a battlefield (re-enactment). View of dead man after a car accident (re-enactment) superimposed onto traffic light. News broadcaster Lowell Thomas sits behind a desk reading off several pages into a microphone, ending abruptly.

00:08:18 End of film.

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