Film: 7435

Sport | 1960 | Sound | B/W


Hare Coursing for sport 1960's

Dog chases hare joined by another dog. People stand with dogs. Row of cars in field. Anti-coursing demonstration outside Houses of Parliament, Westminster, London. Archbishop approaches 10 Downing Street. More greyhounds with owners. Hare released, hounds follow. Two dogs close in on hare. Hare escapes. Beaters in the field, hare crosses road. Two dogs released, catch up with hare. Hare is caught by dogs. Man (judge) on horseback, holds flag aloft. Man carries hare away from scene. Another chase, artificial hare 'sanctuary'. Fyfe Robertson with scruffy coat and beard tries to justify hare-coursing, somewhat pathetically. Good footage of the chase.

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