Film: 7443

Places + Locations | 1930 | Silent | B/W


A single reel of a film that covers a cruise in the North Sea starting at the northernmost point of Norway (and Europe) and then works its way back to England 1930's

Hammerfest, Norway, Europe: trawlers in the harbour; dead fish on a trawler being sorted by a fisherman. Fish being dried on racks on a beach. Fish being transferred from trawler to warehouse. Lapps in traditional dress (Lapp Landers). Map of the cruise up to this point.
Tromso, Norway: shot of Tromso from large cruiser, mountains in the background. Sailor releasing ropes, another coiling it. Sailors painting the side of the ship. Long shot of the ship from a motor launch. Trawlers in Tromso harbour. Man on quay side gutting fish. Boy holding large fish and then carrying it away. Whaler's harpoon gun in Tromso harbour. Lifeboat being raised on ship. Passengers walking along the liner's deck. View from aft of the liner: in the distance land can be seen. Women playing tennis on board. Shot of the ship's funnel. Women playing deck tennis; over net quoits (a ring is thrown over a net, it is caught on the other side and then thrown back again). People sunbathing on the deck of the ship; a man in swimming trunks wrestling with another man who is fully dressed. People in ship's swimming pool. Trondheim, Norway: a market. Merok, Norway: fjords, low clouds, mountains. Horse drawn carriages at Merok. View of fjord from top of mountain. Lapps leaving tent and with reindeer on shores of a lake. View of horse draw carriages on the road seen from a terrace far above. Loen, Norway: Lake Loen from the ship. The Kendjal Glacier at the head of Lake Loen. Goats on the rocks in front of the glacier. A glacial stream. Aardal, Norway: shot of town from harbour. Woman combing out wool and then spinning it on spinning wheel. Children playing on side of rough track. Man and children carrying firewood. Old man cutting wood; man and woman bailing hay. Man lifting enormous bail of hay on his back. Bergen, Norway: the harbour with a car on the quay side. Shop fronts in Bergen. Bergen fish market. Crates of fish (some still alive). Fish being killed and weighed. Tea being served by waitresses.

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